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County roads take Spring beating

There was a washout on Co. Rd. 22 east of Hwy. 71 -- Turtle River Lake Rd. NE near Hales Rd. NE -- a mile or so west of North and South Twin Lakes. The road has been closed to traffic as of presstime.1 / 3
Motorists are asked not to drive around the barricades on County Road 22 as they are there for the public's protection.2 / 3
Water completely covers the road surface and rushes across to the other side on County Road 23 just south of County Road 34. In another spot of 23 just east of Carsella's Corner, the water has created ruts across the road.3 / 3

For the past week, high water has plagued are residents, county workers and emergency management personnel with problems.

Barricades are out, some roads are closed all together and wash outs are everywhere. Motorists are urged to drive with caution through these flooded areas. If the roads are closed, DO NOT attempt to drive around the barricades! They are put there for the public's safety.

The following update was received from the Beltrami County Emergency Management office April 13 and was accurate as of presstime.

Roadways that are still impassable or currently closed:

Sugar Bush Township -- A washout on Co. Rd. 22 east of Hwy. 71 -- Turtle River Lake Rd. NE near Hales Rd. NE -- a mile or so west of North and South Twin Lakes.

Summit Township -- Segersteen Rd. ne closed; east edge of city of blackduck, runs south three blocks to a dead end.

Lammers Township -- Flat Balsam Rd. NW and Tom Jefferson Rd. NW will remain closed due to additional problems with water over the road, frost boils and three culverts causing issues; Ploium Rd. nw between sundown and lammers.

Maple Ridge Township -- Olson Rd. nw ½ mile west of hwy 89 will be closed due to water over road and washout at the bottom of the hill and will remain closed until the swamp lowers. No travel advised.

Battle Township -- Pioneer Rd. ne between Cormant Rd. ne and south to Hoyem Rd. -- 4 miles south of Saum covered in deep water -- alternate access is Battle River Rd. to Pioneer from the north (Co. Rd. 23 just south of Co. Rd. 34).

O'Brien Township -- Harvest Rd. ne west of Co Rd. 23 washout out -- no access from Co. Rd. 23 side.

Liberty Township -- Liberty Dr. nw at blue sign 16040 -- sinkhole from water washing on culvert -- use caution; Coyote Rd. nw in the 13000 block, approx 1.5 miles north of Grange Rd. nw.

Summit Township -- Klug Rd. ne -- closed where the creek crosses the road -- access from north off of Everton Creek Rd. ne and south from Lookout Tower Rd. ne -- some repairs have been made but road remains extremely vulnerable -- closed signs posted.

Langor Township -- Lanet Rd. ne west of Hwy. 72 -- alternate access is Corlan Rd. from the west -- Haiby Rd. ne between Stenson Rd. nw and Nebish Rd. ne closed.

Grant Valley Township -- Schroeder Rd. nw between Platt Rd. and Division St. impassable

Turtle Lake Township -- Werner Rd. nw north of Dunne Rd. nw to Puposky Rd. nw; Lindseth Dr. ne north of Carver Rd. ne on southwest side of Lake Beltrami.

Quiring Township -- Blackduck River Rd. ne, very last residence blocked in Quiring Township

Cormant Township -- not closed, however, washout at culvert on northeast corner of Hwy. 1 and Hwy. 72 in front of Sportsman's Discount Liquor.

Previously closed but now open:

Port Hope Township -- Knappen Hill Rd. ne west of South Gull Lake Rd. ne -- now open; South Gull Lake Rd. ne between 10837 and 10355, approximately 2 miles west of Tenstrike -- now open; South Gull Lake Loop is closed and washed out north of Knappen Hill Rd. -- now open; Woodhaven Lane ne is closed north of Island View Drive due to wash out -- now open.

Turtle Lake Township -- Black Lake Rd. ne north of Island View Dr. -- water is over the road -- Black Creek Lane ne and Bittersweet Rd. ne -- use extreme caution

Hines Township -- Hines Rd. ne ½ mile east of Hines -- passable but water across the road- use caution; Lookout Tower Rd. ne, a quarter mile west of Scenic Highway and also east of Hines -- open.

Shooks Township -- Willow Creek Rd. now open

Liberty Township -- Werner Rd. nw between Elvesters Ct. nw to Puposky Rd. including Campbell Lake Rd. and Comet Rd. is passable but roadway is in poor condition.

Turtle Lake Township -- campbell Lake Rd. ne and Comet Rd. ne water over the road -- deep water across the road at the curves -- marked, use extreme caution.

Grant Valley Township -- Balsam Ridge Rd. at Grant Creek is open, culvert repaired.

Battle Township -- Battle Rd. west of Pioneer Rd. ne to the Red Lake Reservation -- repaired but use caution

Langor Township -- Haiby Rd. ne between Stenson Rd. and Nebish Rd. -- now open.

Waskish Township -- Laport Lane ne closed between Hwy. 72 and Waskish Rd. ne -- alternate access available from other direction -- open but use caution.

Summit Township -- Beighley Rd. east of Summit Town Hall Rd. has had repairs completed but road is very vulnerable to damage.

Turtle River Township -- Beaver Rd. between Big Lake Rd. and Otter Rd. -- alternate access Lamon Rd. then south on Big Lake from the north -- water over road -- use caution.

Otter Rd. (Co Rd. 413) is now open.

Pioneer Rd. NE (Co. Rd. 23) south of Co. Rd. 34 is now open but use caution -- water is off the road but the road is a soggy affair.