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Uncle Phil is back!

Ed Anderson as PJ the DJ in Uncle Phil's Diner #2, points to Kelliher on the map. Anderson will be back again in this year's production again as PJ.

Kelliher Community Theater will be performing the third and final installment of Uncle Phil's Diner -- Badger Homecoming 1957 May 1 at 5:59 p.m. at the Old School Center in Kelliher.

This dinner theater experience will be a one night only performance. The meal includes big old fashioned grilled hamburgers with all the fixings, chips, baked beans, brownies, lemon bars, pop, coffee and water. The meal and performance is $8 per person.

This play finds Principal Krepple on a manhunt to find the identity of the "Mad Potty Prankster," whose act of placing a cherry bomb down the commodes in the locker room has caused the homecoming dance to be moved from the school to Uncle Phil's Diner.

Of course, all the great people at Uncle Phil's Diner are ready to jump in and help out the Evergreen High in their time of need. You will see regular characters returning, as well as some new ones and there will lots of 'feel good' rock and roll for everyone to enjoy. Remember to come to Uncle Phil's Diner -- where the food is fresh and so is the help!