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Letter To The Editor - I need to vent

To the editor:

When is enough, enough? They are forecasting gas prices to be $5 a gallon by Memorial Day. Actually I heard these predictions some time ago, but that was way before the disaster in Japan and the war in Libya.

But now that these things have occurred, the media is telling us these are the reasons gas prices are going through the roof. How were those that forecasted these price gouging prices able to know about these occurrences that have supposedly sent prices through the roof? Or was the intent all along to gouge us at the pump and now that they have occurred, it's just a convenient excuse for the media to use?

Why is big oil so hell bent on destroying the economy over nothing but greed? And no one is doing anything about it. Once again we are going to see oil companies posting record profits while the rest of us are struggling to get by from paycheck to paycheck. Why are we exporting domestic oil while the politicians tell us they are working on becoming less dependent on foreign oil? Answer is easy. Greed!

A few years ago when we were paying $4 a gallon, everyone in the media, and the congressional majority in Washington at the time, were claiming that the President was helping line the pockets of his oil baron friends. Well whose pockets are being lined now? The only difference is now, no one in the media or government, are making any such comments. Hmm!

The media keeps telling us the economy is on the mend and we should expect things to continue to improve. Apparently no one in the media has had to fill up their gas tank or buy groceries. Or as most people suspect, they are mouth pieces for the Washington elite.

People don't have any discretionary income now to help stimulate the economy. Any discretionary income they might have had is gone. It is being used to keep their gas tanks full so they can get to and from work. Many people are now going to have to get a second job. The second one will be necessary to buy gas to get to the first one.

Back a few years ago when gas was $4 a gallon the barrel price was around $150 a barrel. Now it's just over $100 and we are already seeing prices approaching $4. What kind of extortion is this? Don't know what we can do other than walk to work, but we are sure headed for some tough times if there isn't a stop put to it.

We are going to see businesses crumble (especially those in the tourist industry), small towns such as ours will become ghost towns, more and more families are going to lose their homes and jobs, and governments are going to see more and more revenue shortfalls because the money people bring home is going to be used on the bare necessities such as food, and gas to get to and from work.

And watch for food prices to continue to skyrocket because the cost of getting it to us is going through the roof. No more family vacations, trips to a Twins game, buying that new piece of furniture, or going to a concert just to name a few. It sure doesn't look good, and all over nothing but greed!

I was listening to an old country song the other night by Merle Haggard. The lyrics sure hit home. "Are we rolling down hill like a snow ball headed for hell?" Kinda think so.

David Decker