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Week of April 19-22

TUESDAY, April 19 - Cheeseburger, fries, baked beans, pears, bread slice, milk variety.

WEDNESDAY, April 20 - Taco in a bag with taco beef and Doritos, lettuce, cheese, salsa and sour cream, corn, pineapple, bread slice, milk variety.

THURSDAY, April 21 - Baked ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, glazed carrots, cranberries, dinner roll, ice cream treat, milk variety.

FRIDAY, April 22 - No school. Good Friday.

Speech news

Drakes are Section 7A Speech champions

The Blackduck High School Speech team competed in the Section 7A tournament April 1 in McGregor. The Drakes were the section champions from among the 18 teams competing with the team from Eveleth-Gilbert coming in as runner-up.

Forty-three speakers from Blackduck competed in 12 of the 13 Minnesota State High School League categories with 31 speakers advancing to the final round -- and now, there are 15 of those competitors advancing to the state tournament.

The Drakes had six Tournament champions including Connor Cease and Chris O'Reilly in Duo; Tyler Dobmeier in Great Speeches; Alex Schuman in Humor; Brandon Beck in Informative Speaking and Kate Olafson in Poetry.

Second place medalists were Shannon Budde in Creative Expression; Alex Howard in Discussion; Sasha Pfannenstein in Drama; Nick Liapis in Great Speeches; Mariah Bremer in Informative Speaking; Maile Olson in Original Oratory and Michaela Holmgren in Storytelling.

Third place medalists were Morgan Jung in Great Speeches and Katie O'Rourke in Prose.

These 15 students will compete at the MSHSL State Speech Tournament at Chanhassen April 14-15.

Among the remaining Drakes finalists, fourth place honors went to Madison Stomberg in Creative Expression; Charles Biberg in Discussion; Brock and Chris Howard in Duo; James Bruno in Great Speeches and Courtney Kovall in Poetry.

Fifth place medals were won by Madison Stelton in Creative Expression; and Ian Anderson in Original Oratory with sixth place medals going to Matthew Jedlicka in Drama; Emily Biberg in Humor and Justin Chase in Original Oratory.

Rounding out the finalists were Chance Gourley in Discussion; and Mike O'Reilly in Original Oratory, who both placed seventh.

Blackduck holds the honor of advancing more speakers to state than any other single-A school in the state for the second year in a row. The 15 state bound speakers will represent their school at the MSHSL state tournament this weekend at Chanhassen High School!

Honor roll

The following students were named to the third quarter honor roll:

A Honor Roll: Grade 12 - Ian Anderson, Brandon Beck, Shannon Budde, Michael Dexter, Amanda Fernandez, Erin Haws, Kaitlyn Leen, Jamie Magoon, Joshua O'Brien, Christopher O'Reilly, Faith Pomp, Alexander Schuman and Ashley Stomberg.

Grade 11 - Kaye Bodien, Aaron Nissen and Alexandra Ziegler. Grade 10 - James Bruno, Joseph Coller, Shane Fenske, Morgan Jung, Courtney Kovall, Tatum Mistic and Katie O'Rourke.

Grade 9 - Colton Bales, Zachary Bodien, Mariah Bremer, Jodi Grundmeier, Jacob Krabbenhoft, Caleb Mostad, Maile Olson, Matthew Patch, Kristie Slindee and Trey Volk. Grade 8 - Benjamin Anderson, Julia Bogucki, LeAnn Brambrink, Elizabeth Dufault, Michaela Holmgren, Cooper Jedlicka, Deven Jones, Hannah Korpela, Brittany Martin, Andrew Nissen, Kelsey Olson, Alexandra Pfannenstein, Madison Stomberg, Tanner Templin and Aaron Ware.

Grade 7 - Hunter Cocking, Tanner Depew, Breanna Enger, Julianna Fernandez, Andrew Grundmeier, Carla Grundmeier, Tobey Haluptzok, Tyler Jablonski, Hattie Notsch, Ceana Olson, Charli Schocker, Timothy Schocker, Kyle Solberg and Emma Stelten.

B Honor Roll: Grade 12 - Amber Affield, Luke Binkley, Justin Bryant, Ezekiel Burtard, James Campbell-Eckdahl, Connor Cease, MollieAnn Exner, Tisheena Freyholtz, Christa Hanson, Alexander Howard, Roxanne Kallroos, Aleshia Lucken, Samantha Mistic, Alayna Nestberg, Katie Olafson, Tanner Stomberg, Christopher Strand, Merritt Theisen and Tessa Tindell.

Grade 11 - Cody Bergquist, Haley Bodien, Zechariah Bradach, Hannah Brown, Allesha Dobmeier, Peter Fraley, Derek Gustafson, Lucas Krabbenhoft, Stephen LaDuke-Fajardo, Galen Martin, Oxana Pfannenstein, Rebeccalyn Richardson, Taylor Sparby and Arthur Wirkus.

Grade 10 - Dominic Anderson, Andre Bell, Shalynne Bogucki, Tyler Dobmeier, Valerie Ferdig, Brady Gross, Matthew Jedlicka, Zachary Jones, Jared Kaasa, Skyler Knotts, Brad Kusper, Garrett Naughton, Clara Notsch, Cassidy Rockis, Kip Solberg, Mitchell Sparby, Madison Stelten, Garrett Theisen and Avery Waskul.

Grade 9 - Dylan Dexter, Taylor Enger, Toni Ferdig, Nickolas Grundmeier, Logan Hower, Harley Keers, Taylor Levy, Madison Liapis, Brooke Mistic, Michael O'Reilly, Sadie Radke, Shelby Sorheim, Brittni Sorquist, Jordan Sparby, Michael Tate, Alexandra Tindell and Cynthia Veazy.

Grade 8 - Antuan Bell, Saphire Brown, Paul Eckstrom, Tyler Fisher, Tanner George, Logan Gesell, Nicole Granger, Brett Gross, Anthony Grotberg, Tristan Hendrickson, Garret Hentges, Ashley Lossing, Angel Merritt, Andrew Moris, Meghanne Nattrass, Devin Perry, Dorothy Renollette, Mackenzie Stenson, Linnea Tracy, Migizi Wagner and Rebecca Waskul.

Grade 7 - Nathan Affield, Wyatt Brands, Lindsey Brunner, Levi Dexter, Chelsea Dobmeier, Keilah Dufault, Conner Frenzel, Mason Frenzel, Isaac Gustafson, AshLee Hagen, Courtney Hedlin, Alexandria Heide, Trevor Hentges, Austindale Iceman, Janessa Johnson, Jami Mistic, Jonathon Napieralski, Alexey Pfannenstein, Tucker Rockis, Danisha Sells, Sydnie Sorheim , Rose Thompson and Ian Willborg.

Scholarship information

Scholarships available in the high school office:

The Lutheran Community Foundation and The Evelyn W. Berg Fund Scholarship: Seniors planning on attending a post-secondary education and a GPA of 3.5 or above. Deadline is April 22.

•Dollars for Scholars: Blackduck High School seniors who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and are involved in extracurriculars. Deadline is April 28 by 4:30 p.m.

Northwest Minnesota Women's Fund Scholarship: Female seniors who plan on attending and education institution in the region and have a minimum "C" gpa. Deadline is May 1.

Sports Calendar

Monday: JV and varsity baseball at home against Cass Lake at 4 p.m., junior high and varsity softball in Deer River at 4:30 p.m. and junior high boys and girls golf at Nevis at 4 p.m.

Tuesday: Junior high and varsity baseball at home against Pine River at 3:30 p.m., junior high and varsity softball at home against Cass Lake at 5 p.m., varsity track in Deer River and varsity girls golf in Cass Lake at 4:45 p.m.

Thursday: Junior high, JV and varsity baseball at home against Lake of the Woods at 5 p.m., junior high and varsity softball at home against Littlefork at 5 p.m. and junior high track in International Falls.

Community Ed classes

Fish Woodcarving will be held April 20 at 6:30 p.m. in the high school commons. The fee is $15.

Live Folk Music and Son Sharing Workshop will be held April 26 at 7 p.m. in the multi-purpose room.

Indoor walking is held Tuesdays-Fridays when school is in session from 6:30-7:30 a.m. and 5:30-9 p.m.

For complete details, call Blackduck Community Ed at 835-5241.



Week of April 18-22

MONDAY, April 18 - Chicken tenders, tater tots, green beans, dinner roll, mixed fruit, milk.

TUESDAY, April 19 - Nachos with cheesy meat sauce, baked beans, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pears, milk.

WEDNESDAY, April 20 - Cheeseburger, curly fries, California blend vegetables, yogurt, milk.

THURSDAY, April 21 - Ham, mashed potatoes with butter, sweet potatoes, dressing, corn, dinner roll, dessert, milk.

FRIDAY, April 22 - No school. Good Friday.

Community Ed classes

Aerobics are held each Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the Old School Center gym and is free.

There is open gym every Sunday from 3-5 p.m. in the Kelliher School gym. The fee is $1 per person or $5 per family.



Week of April 18-22

MONDAY, April 18 - Pizza, green beans, sandwich, peaches, milk.

TUESDAY, April 19 - Stir fry, rice, vegetables, mandarin oranges, milk.

WEDNESDAY, April 20 - Ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots, bun, pudding, milk.

THURSDAY, April 21 - Turkey wrap, chips, pears, cookie, milk.

FRIDAY, April 22 - No school. Good Friday.