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Kelliher Students of the Month

Kristina Lossing1 / 3
Philip Anderson2 / 3
Shelene Head3 / 3

Third grader Kristina Lossing is the March Elementary Student of the Month. She is always prepared to do her best work. She is outgoing and kind to her classmates and teachers. She is so helpful as far as cleaning up around her, chipping in to help others without being asked, and just a happy-go-lucky young lady! She is responsible beyond her years, which is such a positive trait for her to have.

Seventh grader Philip Anderson is the March Middle Level Student of the Month. He is one student who brings life and joy into the classroom by his positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning. He does his best on all school work and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure exemplary grades. He plays basketball and baseball and brings with him a winning attitude to everything he does.

Tenth grader Shelene Head is the March High School Student of the Month. She has consistently been one of the most hardworking, helpful and honest students in my classroom. She is a pleasure to teach and her kindness and authenticity are infectious.