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Blackduck businesses encourgaed to host artist during celebration

If you have a suitable inside space to host an artist June 25, for the upcoming Lady's Slipper Celebration, please call Shirley Gilmore at 835-7826 by April 15. For this first and hopefully annual celebration, the eligible area will be downtown or the Wayside Rest area, east of Highway 71 in Blackduck.

The overall festival will focus on nature, history, cultures and arts on and around the Lady Slipper Scenic Byway.

The Blackduck art component of the festival will feature music in the Wayside Rest and an art walk, "Art Around Town," to bring visitors and tourists into downtown Blackduck. It is modeled on older festivals in small towns where artists were hosted in downtown stores to showcase their work.

The criteria for this is simple:

• Have one or more approximately 10x10 ft. space(s), adequate lighting and/or access to electricity

• Be open or willing to be open on that Saturday (June 25) from at least 9-4

• Can allow artist to set up either Friday afternoon or Saturday before 10 am

• Be able to display a one-sided cloth banner (approx. 20x30 inches, with lady's slipper design) outside of the store to alert visitors to the presence of an artist on site

• Require no charge or possible nominal charge, depending on the situation. For most sites the event will benefit the host by bringing in more people and increasing awareness of what is in Blackduck.

If your business or organization has an arrangement with or a preference for a certain artist, that will be given priority. Otherwise available sites will be filled by artist's choice as they sign up. A list of sites with a map will be available to festival attendees at the Wayside Rest information center and probably at one or more sites downtown.