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Park Rapids woman predicted her own death

Dawn Anderson feared for her life.

The Park Rapids woman's heart-wrenching Order For Protection details a husband with alcohol problems, spiraling out of control, blaming her and the couple's sons for his failures.

Greg Anderson could not stay sober, Dawn Anderson wrote in her petition for the restraining order.

He was increasingly erratic and out of control. He made numerous threats.

"I'm really afraid that he will kill me if he doesn't receive help right away," Dawn predicted in November.

She took every precaution to be safe, even staying with her parents for a while.

Police are tracking chilling text messages that Greg Anderson, in a Dilworth halfway house, was not about to let his wife go.

He continued to stalk her, and shot her Tuesday night at her home.

He then turned the gun on himself.

The domestic tragedy has shattered the Park Rapids community as friends and family struggle to cope with why the system didn't protect Dawn Anderson and what could have been done to prevent the murder-suicide.