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Northome City Clerk resigns; fire dept. receives FEMA grant for new truck

Northome's City Council received some good new from the fire department at it's March 2 meeting then received a shock that their city clerk was resigning.

The meeting got underway with all councilors present as was the city clerk. Also present were Richard and Linda Dreher, Leroy Thurlby, Corey Pink, Wayne Skoe, Bob Stueven and Matt Pellinen.

As there was nobody there to address the council during the open forum, the agenda items were brought up for discussion and approval.

Bob Stueven approached the council about the boys basketball can collection at the recycling site. After a short discussion, the council approved Stueven's request for the boys to collect the cans at the site.

Northome Fire Chief Wayne Skoe reported the volunteer fire department had been awarded a FEMA grant for a new truck.

The council listened to the report before voting unanimously to approve advertising for bids for a fire truck under the FEMA grant guidelines and for the city to act as the fiduciary agent for the grant and bids and to schedule a special meeting as soon as possible to open the bids. The date decided upon to open the bids was March 24.

Head Bartender Angel Stradtmann's leave request was then approved.

City Clerk Tom Bonar reported a surprise Health Department inspection found only minor problems, all of which are being addressed.

The patio at the municipal liquor store was then discussed before council gave its approval of the bid specifications as presented. The bid opening for the patio project is to be at the next regular meeting.

Maintenance Supervisor Cory Lindley is attending training in St. Cloud. There was some discussion on the summer maintenance department vehicle and it was decided that Lindley will use the city owned van currently stored at the airport during the summer months.

Matt Pellinen (SEH) reported the PER is not yet completed and they are working simultaneously on an environmental report.

Leroy Thurlby gave the Airport Commission Report to the council. He reported on three tractors he had received quotes for. Councilor Jack White reported he had found another possible unit in an on-line auction.

The council voted to authorize Councilors White and Eitenmiller to bid up to $15,000 on behalf of the city for the New Holland tractor and mower in the on-line auction provided the Airport Commission agrees that it is suitable and if it is not, then to purchase one of the tractors from the quotes that had already been received.

Moving on to the library update, Bonar reported a claim had been opened with League of Minnesota Cities for damages to the library from roof leakage. Nothing further will be determined until after the snow melts.

In discussing the cemetery, Councilman Jerry Struss suggested the proposed Cemetery Ordinance should include language from the LMCIT sample ordinance. They directed Bonar to e-mail the sample ordinance to the council and return with changes to the next meeting.

It was reported that the first half of the council enhancement grant, in the amount of $3,166.50, had been received.

The council then voted to approve the Consent to Sell of the Whitnable property and authorized Mayor Larry Salmonson to sign the necessary paperwork.

It was mentioned that the auditors were coming to town. As the mention of the auditors was just for informational purposes, the council moved on to approve the financial reports.

Next for approval came the monthly claims and expenditures. The council voted to approve the mid-month claims already paid totaling $18,449.49 and to pay the current claims totaling $18,274.39.

Next up was the resignation of Clerk Bonar, effective April 30.

After much discussion, the council voted to approve advertising for the clerk/treasurer's position at full time, 30-40 hours per week, with applications accepted through April 5. More discussion followed before the issue was approved.