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Dog keeps vigil over master's truck at Hubbard County crash scene

Emergency personnel confer at the scene of an accident Wednesday afternoon as the victim's dog keeps a vigil nearby. (Sarah Smith / Enterpise)

Emergency personnel responded to what they say is one of the saddest accident scenes they've been to lately.

An elderly Nevis resident suffered an apparent heart attack as he was heading north out of town on County Road 2. He appeared to have died instantly, ambulance personnel said.

The pickup truck crossed the opposing lane of traffic and veered off the road into deep snow near a patch of woods.

The victim's neighbor happened to see the truck off the road and called 911 around 2 p.m. Wednesday.

But the victim's dog, which appeared to be a white shepherd, kept vigil over his master, even after crews arrived on scene. The dog wouldn't let emergency personnel get his master out of the driver's seat until the victim's friends stepped in to help.

Even after the man's body had been taken away, the dog kept a vigil by the pickup, sitting in the snow. He patiently waited while the accident scene was photographed.

Authorities said a friend of the victim would take the dog home with him.

No one else was involved in the accident.