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Tickets available for Taste of Home Cooking School April 21 in Bemidji

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Guy Klinzing, a culinary specialist with Taste of Home, will present eight recipes at the show in Bemidji on April 21.2 / 2

Tickets are still available for the Taste of Home Cooking School to be held Thursday, April 21, at Bemidji High School. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased during business hours at the Bemidji Pioneer office or by phone at 218-333-9200.

The event will begin at 4:30 p.m. with a vendor show in the BHS Commons. Thirty-two vendors will be on hand to show off their wares.

The Taste of Home Made Easy Cooking School will begin at 7 p.m. in the BHS Auditorium. Guy Klinzing, a culinary specialist with Taste of Home, will present eight recipes.

Attendees also will receive an eco-friendly shopping bag from the Bemidji Pioneer filled with gifts from local and national businesses. It also will include the recipe book from the show.

Klinzing conducts Cooking School shows across the country. His love of traveling to experience the flavors of different cities combined with his enthusiasm for cooking allows him to share his culinary passion with people.

When did his love for the kitchen start? "My favorite dishes are still the ones that my grandmother and mother taught me to prepare as part of our own family tradition. Good food served at home not only feeds the family but also feeds the soul. I love discovering those special dishes that are part of the tradition of other friends and families."

The passion continued from there -- Guy holds a Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts from Northeastern University and an MBA from Dominican University. He has worked in the snackfood and chocolate industry for over 34 years. During his long career with a major candy company, he not only built and managed large candy production facilities, but also served as a corporate media spokesperson in the Midwest. Guy has also conducted many seminars and training sessions on food related topics including chocolate, candy, food safety, sensory, and raw ingredients.

When asked what his favorite part of the cooking school experience is, Guy replied, "Meeting so many enthusiastic fans of Taste of Home. They inspire me with their love of cooking and support for our school. I love being able to share practical information with them that they can go home and use the next day. The energy and fun at these events makes all the preparation worthwhile."

Guy resides with his wife in the Chicago area where he is also a professional actor and vocalist. Some of his favorite activities include tornado chasing, wilderness fishing, travel and being surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

Guy is looking forward to coming to Bemidji. "I can't wait to share these simple delicious recipes with you while we all celebrate our love of cooking with each other. You will be able to impress your family and friends with these great ideas and the fact that they are so quick and easy to prepare will be our little secret," he says.