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Beltrami County Board considers flood concerns

With a warm-up working to melt snow, Beltrami County commissioners today will begin flood planning.

Commissioners, as part of their work session this afternoon, will discuss flooding concerns with County Highway Engineer Bruce Hasbargen and Emergency Management Director Beryl Wernberg.

Their meeting with commissioners is about 3:45 p.m., with the work session starting at 3:30 p.m. with public business.

Commissioners will hold a session closed to the public at 3 p.m., citing attorney/client privilege.

"It is expected that the County Board will report on the subject of the closed session, and take official action deemed necessary, at either the March 15 regular meeting or the April 5 regular meeting," according to a memo from County Attorney Tim Faver.

While flooding doesn't affect Beltrami County as it does the Red River Valley counties, there are county roads in northwest Beltrami County that do see flooding under certain conditions.

Also, because of the location of the water table, an area west of Bemidji along the U.S. Highway 2 corridor has in the past also seen flooding conditions.

Also during the work session, commissioners will hear an update on recent legislation making changes to 10-ton routes and an update on the Transportation Alliance's Washington, D.C., fly-in planned for June.

Commissioners will also receive a report on the Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust annual report.

During the board's 5 p.m. regular meeting, commissioners will consider an Active Living resolution in which commissioners will be asked to support Beltrami County's participation in a Statewide Health Improvement Program.

The program seeks safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists while also promoting physical activity, proper nutrition and healthier lifestyles.

Also during the regular meeting, commissioners will consider hiring three part-time jailers and making one part-time female corrections officer a full-time position, and consider three requests to repurchase forfeited property.

A county committee is recommending the board deny all three.

The board's consent agenda includes county bills and warrant payment listing, approval of a resolution for Department of Natural Resources review of proposed land sale parcels for public sale of the parcels discussed at the work session.

Commissioners will be asked to approve a resolution authorizing Bi-County Community Action Program to apply for funding through the Family Homelessness Prevention and Assistance Program.

The County Highway Department is asking approval to attend the Transportation Research Board, Low Volume Road Conference.

The Natural Resource Management Department is asking approval of 2011 Federal Recreational Trails Program funds.

The Health and Human Services Department is asking approval of Nursing Services compliance with accepted professional standards and principles, and will present monthly reports and license approvals.