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Photo brings back fond memories

Isaac Krogseng will turn 12 this month and is the subject of this month's photo unveiling by Rose and Gretchen Heim of Kelliher as part of a project the two of them are working on.

The photo unveiling will be held at 1:45 p.m. March 15 at the Old School by the other photos already unveiled. The photo is of him at the grandparents place.

Krogseng fondly remembers spending time with his grandparents, Donna and Alan Krogseng at their home in Kelliher.

The sixth grader, who lives in Saum with his mother, Leann Krogseng, said he loved to play video games when he was there and play basketball with his friends and, when they were younger, climb trees and play with his cousins.

"I love to play with my cousins when they come up and pick crabapples when they were ready," Krogseng remembers. "Sometimes when one of my cousins is up, we take roller blades -- we each get one and roller blade on the cement."

He recalls wonderful memories of spending time at his grandparent's home.

"I spent after school there almost every day when mom was working and every weekend I would go up cause my cousins would be up and sometimes I had to stay overnight when my mom was working late," he said.

"Sometimes grandma and I would play cards and I enjoyed doing that," he said. "I liked it a lot because grandma made bread and it was good and she always made delicious food and it was always from there."

With a smile, Krogseng explains the photo that will be unveiled.

"I am on the roof that is on the ground and it's old and doesn't have any purpose. I used to run down there and jump off it -- me and my cousins," he said.

"We would go up on the roof and play on it and then see who could get up it the fastest. Sometimes when I am there, I go up there and sometimes I stay inside but most of the time we played on the roof."

Krogseng explained that underneath the roof, there is a hole and nothing really under there.

"Sometimes we would go under the roof but that was a long time ago and we don't do it anymore cause we're all too tall now to fit under there!" he said with a grin.

"When you were small enough, you could run under there and hide when we were playing hide and seek outside. Sometimes when we were down there we would me and my cousin would talk and sometimes we would go on the wood pile sometimes the to crabapple tree and sometimes just go out into the field," he said.

He said that normally in the winter they would never slide down it because when his cousins would come up, they would go outside and make forts or have a snowball fight.

"We might maybe swing on the tree and sometimes when it was winter, we would go outside play in the snow and try to make a snow man and then come back inside and have hot cocoa," he said.

His grandma died in May 1, 2008 and his grandpa died last year.

"Grandma was really sick," he said. "I think it was pneumonia and cancer. My grandpa -- he was really sick and he had lung cancer. He could barely breathe or eat. His right arm actually gave out."

When his grandparents were healthy, what Krogseng said what he loved most about them was that they would often go out and that he would go with them to deliver Meals on Wheels.

"Sometimes we would stay inside and all of us would play Go Fish and sometimes we would almost always to church then go to Sunday breakfast and my grandpa, he took us to tractor shows a lot and just he loved tractors. He worked on a steam one," he remembered.

"Grandma's personality was nice and fun. She could be really strict if she needed to be. She would get her word through to people and my grandpa," Krogseng said.

My grandpa was nice too," he remembered fondly. "He just loved his children and grandchildren. He was pretty energetic for his age and he had lots of friends. All the people who he served meals to, they were grateful that he did that whether they (the meals) were delivered to the brown building on the road going from Saum to Kelliher or in Blackduck -- they were just happy to get the food," he said.

One of the most favorite things about his grandmother was her food.

My most favorite things about grandma I would say, were her food and how fun she was to be around," he said.

"My most favorite thing about grandpa -- he just loved tractors!"

Krogseng told of how his grandfather would occasionally need help getting up from his chair.

"Sometimes and me and my cousin would race over there to see who would get to help him up. And whenever he took us to the tractor shows, he would buy us some corn on the cob, sometimes fry bread or lefse and once or twice, we actually went and got dinner at the place where my grandma worked!" he said with a laugh.

Recalling how it felt to jump off that roof of the old barn, he said it was fun.

"It wasn't much new to me. Sometimes its like, are you going to fall off one side or not? It would be really hot on one side and the other would be really cold," he explained.

"When we were hot, we would lay down on the cold side."

"The one side had weeds where it leads towards the tractors and the other side had leaves and the crabapple trees and the barn wasn't too far and the wood pile and there is a rusty metal thing that's pretty big and you had to be careful on that," he explained.

When asked if he ever feel like he was flying when he jumped off the roof, he explained, "When you run up it and run down the other side or just jump off when you are like halfway there, it sometimes does," he said with a laugh.

What is great about summer?

"Probably that you can get with your family more often. Parents will be working sometimes but you can see your friends and family more cause there is no school to get in the way and you don't have to worry about getting up early unless your parents have to work," he said. "Sometimes my mom works Saturdays and she has to be at work at 7 so I have to get up at 5:30 to go to my dad's.

No matter how busy his life gets, Krogseng will always remember those special times he spent out at the farm with his grandma and grandpa.

The public is invited to attend his photo unveiling at the Old School building March 15 at 1:45 p.m.