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Battle River Beavers News

Meeting called to order by Chelsey at 11 a.m. Pledges were said. Roll call was taken by Mandy -- seven present, four absent, one leader and one visitor. Minutes of last meeting read by Mandy motioned by Rhonda seconded by Michaela, passed. Treasurer's report by Courtney -- we have $313, motioned by Rhonda, seconded by Renae, passed.

Old Business

The website is working again. Jane has enrolled everyone. If you are new, it will take a while to get your information. The Christmas party was fun, awesome and great.

New Business

We will do both a booth and a banner. The older kids will do the banner and the younger kids will do the booth. Jane will get back to us with new project records. Renae read the minutes of the council meeting.

Other Business

We will donate $20 to the rabbit show, motioned by Renae, seconded by Rhonda, passed. Jane will do fun stuff next month. Renae will bring food. The next meeting is Feb. 19 at 11 a.m. Adjournment, motioned by Courtney, seconded by Michaela, passed.