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Kelliher School Board holds reorganizational meeting

Members of the Kelliher School Board met Jan. 13 to hold the annual reorganizational meeting.

Board members present included Chairman Frank Duresky, Peggy Vollhaber, Ed Anderson, Ed Gehlert, Jerry Geerdes and Barb Woltjer and Supt. Tim Lutz.

Visitors included Betty Mohs, Walter Mohs, Kristi Pink, Maureen Smischney, Jude Smischney, Mary Lundin, Calvin Mayers and Laura Nelson.

The first order of business was to vote keeping the current officers which are Duresky, chairman; Vollhaber, secretary; Gehlert, treasurer and Anderson, vice-chairman. The motion was unanimously approved they set board member salaries at $50 per meeting or $75 per meeting for meetings over four hours plus annual salaries of $600 for the chairman, $500 for clerk and $500 for treasurer. It was also approved to set the director's pay per diem for attending workshops related to school business at $50 for half day or $75 for full day.

Regular board meeting dates will be set for the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the high school media center.

The board also voted to select the Minnesota School District Liquid Asset Fund and First State Bank of Bigfork (Kelliher branch) as official depositories of the Kelliher School District; name the Blackduck American as the official school district newspaper; appoint the firm of Knutson, Flynn and Deans as official school district attorney and set reimbursement for board members serving on negotiations committees at $50 per meeting.

They also voted to designate board officers as signatories for school district accounts (with the exception of the student activity account, petty cash account and travel account) and voted to adopt the "Resolution to Grant Authority to Conduct Financial Transactions at First State Bank of Bigfork on Behalf of the Kelliher School District."

The following committee appointments were then approved:

Systems Accountability - Anderson

Technology - Gehlert

North Country Vocational Coop. Representative - Lutz and Gehlert

Athletic Advisory/Sports Coop - Vollhaber and Gehlert

MN-KSS Negotiations - Gehlert and Woltjer

BRIC Representative - Geerdes

Legislative Liaison - Duresky

Staff Development - Anderson and Vollhaber

MN State High School League - Anderson

Old School Advisory - Geerdes and Gehlert

Insurance - Woltjer

School Forest - Duresky

Energy - Gehlert

Mileage rates per the IRS were then set at $.51 per mile or $.41 per mile when using a personal vehicle when a school vehicle is available.

Motions were made and then approved to adopt the resolutions to allow the district to contract with Duresky, Woltjer and Gehlert for commodities or Services at the usual or customary price during 2011.

Supt. Lutz was designated as the L.E.A. representative for Title I, II, IV, VI, VII, Impact Aid and all other federal and state programs and grants.

Congratulations were given to the students of the month for December. They are: elementary, Donna Thayer; middle level, Mitchell Nistler and high school, Zach Spangrud.

The Dean of Students report was read and it was announced that basketball season was underway, that Northome School will be hosting a winter formal Feb. 26 and that attendance continues to be excellent.

Supt. Lutz reported that communications continue with Northome regarding the possibility of shared staffing in the future. He also informed the board of the possibility of renewing the early retirement policy that has been brought to his attention.

He then shared information regarding the art program and current resignation of art teacher Lisa Farwell, effective Dec. 20 and reported that Jenna Neft has taken over as C-team basketball coach at 5 percent BS, step 0 for $1,791.25.

Supt. Lutz updated the board regarding the energy efficiency initiative at the school and the Jan. 17 in-service day.

The MSBA negotiations training will be held in Grand Rapids Feb. 15. and MSBA phase I and II training was held in St. Cloud Jan. 21-22.

Lutz then presented information about the upcoming trip that the girl's basketball team will be taking Feb. 13 to watch the U of MN Lady Gophers and then updated the board on a dental services grant.

The second reading and adoption of the revised MSBA policy #410 -- Family and Medical Leave Act was then discussed before being approved unanimously.

Action on recommendations for reductions in the Art program was tabled.

A motion was made and then unanimously approved to accept the "Phase I - Fast Track ARRA Project" proposal outlining the energy and operational efficiency improvement projects for Kelliher Public School facilities.

The board then voted to adopt the resolution to pay first dollars toward the public library and energy improvements at the Old School Center as part of the USDA grant program.

Board members then went into a closed session for the purpose of discussing legal strategy with the district's legal counsel before the meeting was adjourned.