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Week of Feb. 15-18

TUESDAY, Feb. 15 - Chicken patty on a bun, fries, peaches, Rice Krispie treat, bread slice, milk variety.

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 16 - Pizza, garden salad with turkey, cheese and croutons, pears, bread slice, milk variety.

THURSDAY, Feb. 17 - Shrimp, mashed potatoes with butter, broccoli slaw with raisins, rosy applesauce, blueberry muffin, bread slice, milk variety.

FRIDAY, Feb. 18 - Taco in a bag, beef taco meat, Doritos, lettuce, cheese, salsa and sour cream, corn, pineapple, bread slice, milk variety.

Scholarship information

Scholarships available in the high school office:

• Blandin Foundation Education Awards: Anyone under the age of 25 as of Sept. 1 and plan on attending, any accredited educational institution in the United States. Deadline May 1.

• Clean Air Choice Scholarship: Seniors who plan on pursuing a postsecondary education and write a 1000 word essay. Deadline March 30.

• Knights of Columbus: Senior Catholic Students. Deadline April 1.

• Youth Tour in Washington D.C.: Juniors whose parent, guardian is a Cooperative member of one of the Paul Bunyan Communications service exchanges. Deadline April 1.

• Best Buy: Students in grades 9-12 with solid grades and community service or work experience. Apply online at or Deadline Feb.16.

• Oak Hills Christian College Scholarship: Must be full time students at Oak Hills Christian College this fall. Deadline April 15.

• Minnesota Twins Community Fund Diamonds and Dreams Scholarship: Seniors enrolling full time in a two or four year college with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Participants must have played or volunteered an organized youth baseball or softball. Deadline March 12.

• Foundation for Rural Service: Seniors who receive any telecommunications service from a current NTCA member and have at least a C grade point average. Deadline: March 1.

Important dates

Feb. 15: 9 a.m. Representative from Northland Community College

Feb. 28: Parent-Teacher conferences

Community Ed classes

Indoor walking is held Tuesdays-Fridays when school is in session from 6:30-7:30 a.m. and 5:30-9 p.m.

Wednesday Night Volleyball is held Wednesdays through April from 7-9 p.m. The cost is $3 per night and is open for anyone 16 years or older.



Week of Feb. 14-18

MONDAY, Feb. 14 - Hot ham and cheese, scalloped potatoes, pear, apple, milk.

TUESDAY, Feb. 15 - Pork gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, dinner roll, peaches, milk.

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 16 - Cheese pizza, green beans, salami sandwich, pears, milk.

THURSDAY, Feb. 17 - Hard shell tacos with the works, baked beans, fruit jello, milk.

FRIDAY, Feb. 18 - Chicken burger, french fries, California blend vegetables, apple crisp, milk.

Community Ed classes

Aerobics are held each Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the Old School Center gym and is free.

Trappers Education will be offered in late February if there is enough interest. If you are interested call Peggy Vollhaber at 647-8806 or e-mail her at before Feb. 10.

There is open gym every Sunday from 3-5 p.m. in the Kelliher School gym. The fee is $1 per person or $5 per family.

Scrapbooking and photo organizing will be held Feb. 17 from 5-9 p.m. in the media center. This is free of charge and supplies are available for purchase as you need them.

Downhill skiing and snowboarding will take place Feb. 21 from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. at Buena Vista Ski Area. The fee is $5 plus lift and/or rental fees. The cost for those are $18 for a lift ticket, $15 for ski rental, $25 for board only rental and add $5 for transportation.



Week of Feb. 14-18

MONDAY, Feb. 7 - Grilled cheese, french fries, apples, milk.

TUESDAY, Feb. 15 - Pizza, green beans, sandwich, peaches, milk.

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 16 - Hamburger gravy over potatoes, peas, sandwich, cake, milk.

THURSDAY, Feb. 17 - Chicken enchiladas, wedges, mixed fruit, milk.

FRIDAY, Feb. 18 - Hoagie, chips, juice, bar, milk.

Responsibility List

The following students have been named to the second quarter Responsibility Honor Roll.

Grade 12: Zach Eitenmiller, Catherine Frenzel, Cody Graupmann, Chester Powell and Tonya Weidenborner. Grade 11: Hollea Boquist, Hope Lindner, Rachel Chaffin, Scott Pierson, Mandy Girtz and Danielle Lindner. Grade 10: Carrie Carrigan Tanyssa Olafson Justine Frenzel, Dannette Gieser, Christian Jourdan, Caleb Schneider, Keith Shaughnessy, Hattie Swang and Tristan Williams. Grade 9: Isaiah Rahier. Grade 8: Evan Becker, Trevor Elhard, Sadie Fraley, Jeanette Frenzel, Bree Lindley, Ashley Lom, Jackie Pierson and Teresa Weidenborner: Grade 7: Rachel Fahey, Casey Gross, Danny LaDuke, Shadow Lievsay, Lane Lindner, Cal Roosdett, Brigette Williams and Michaela Williams.