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Beltrami County plans for expected spring flooding

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management will hold a Town Hall Meeting at a large facility sometime in February to update residents on flood preparation, planning and mitigation.

Preplanning meetings are in the works with various entities to include public works, emergency management, GIS, Environmental Services and others to put together a full portfolio of information for residents to prepare for flooding issues this spring.

In the meantime, emergency personnel urge anyone who has even a remote possibility of flooding that would threaten their homes and families to research flood insurance. Insurance policies must be in place for at least 30 days before the policy holder can collect for damages. With the large amount of precipitation this winter some flooding issues are expected.

Currently, the only insurance company in Beltrami County that offers flood insurance is Insurance Placement Services at 751-2330 in downtown Bemidji. There are also companies in Fargo, N.D., Moorhead, St Paul and other areas some distance from Bemidji that offer flood insurance. Any Beltrami County or area insurance agent who offers such policies is asked to contact the emergency office so the information will be available to residents.

FEMA has a new website called which offers an abundance of information on flooding and insurance agents as well as other information.

On another note, the large amount of snow this winter has obstructed the view of 911 address signs in our area. Residents are asked to clear the snow from around their signs so that it is easy to see for emergency responders.

Updates will be available at the Beltrami County Emergency Management website at