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UPDATED: Escaped inmate spotted near Lake George

Battle River Beavers 4-H News

Meeting was called to order by Rhonda at 11:03 a.m. Pledges were said. Roll call was taken by Mandy; 11 present, one absent, two leaders, three visitors. Minutes of last meeting by Mandy, motioned by Renae, seconded by Chelsey, passed.

Old Business

The website, is messing up so sign up with paper. Meeting time is now 11 a.m. The check book is now under Barney and Courtney. Need to pay dues! Turn in money for your candle sales if you haven't already.

New Business

We will hold our Christmas party Dec. 18 at the Bemidji Bowl for two hours we will be meeting around noon. Let Jane know if you need a ride. Drawing names for presents -- $5 limit.

Other Business

Council minutes read by Jane. We need approval to buy record covers, motioned by Renae, seconded by Christina, passed. This month fun stuff is Renae January is Mandy. This month food is Adams, January is Mandy. Adjournment, motioned by Chelsey, seconded by Renae, passed.