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Blackduck Senior Center News

Greetings and happy new year from the seasoned seniors at the Blackduck Senior Center. This year is going to be a fun year, I can feel it!

The annual meeting was held Jan. 11 at the center with 16 members present. Rich Ferdig, President called the meeting to order and asked for the last quarterly meeting minutes to be read by his better half, Secretary Leona Ferdig. With no corrections or additions, the minutes were approved. Carol Hannigan, treasurer, reviewed last quarter's treasurer's report, commenting that the daily coffee times are usually well attended and appreciated.

An increase in members would make it even better. There was some discussion to clarify using electricity or propane for heating, after which the report was accepted for audit.

Mickey Witt assumed Jean Slindee's fundraiser duties for the remainder of 2010 and talked about changes she and Bev Gibson made in the pancake suppers and the omelette brunches, which were well received. Pleasing the public and increasing participation is our goal. Suggestions are welcome. Mickey and Dale Witt are new to Blackduck and already are active in a number of ventures.

Dick Fisher and Rich Ferdig have been kept busy with all the snow we've had. The cleared sidewalks and parking places are safe but be aware anyway.

Val Thielman and Paul Riesinger continue to do a good job contacting musicians for the first Saturday of the month jam sessions. These musicians are extremely talented and come from distant places like Thief River Falls and Northome. See for yourselves... Grab a couple of friends and come to the next jam session, it won't be your last because its darn good entertainment! Call Val or Rich for more information. Val is also the center's decorating chair.

Bev Gibson was in charge of crafts and articles for sale. She is looking for ideas and people that can join their group Friday afternoons. Crafting is fun and the resulting sales have been very good. A new project is under way and Bev explained that paperback books can be donated to the center for members to purchase at 50¢ each or we can trade a book for free. Books will be placed in the old greeting card racks. Sounds like a good thing!

Leona Ferdig has activities and has lined up 12 members thus far to attend Flying Down to Rio Jan 23 and The Church Basement Ladies April 28 at the Rief Theatre in Grand Rapids. Call Leona if you are interested. Also RSVP is conducting a meeting Jan. 19 at 1 p.m. at the senior center in Bemidji for any volunteers who wish to attend.

Membership Chair Eva Fisher stated that we had 115 members signed up by this time last year and only 39 so far. Membership is extremely reasonable at $5 a year. Being 55 years of age qualifies you. Lots of new people have moved to Blackduck in recent years, we hope to see you soon also.

The nominating committee of LaVonne Peterson and Glennis Moon presented the slate of candidates for positions coming open such as Rich, Cedelia Peterson and Jean Slindee. They were Joyce Stenson, Mickey Witt and Rich Ferdig. With no other nominations, they were duly elected.

The nine member board of directors are Carol Hannigan, Leona Ferdig, Bev Gibson, Dick and Eva Fisher, Ted Carter and the three newly elected. Congratulations to all.

Rich concluded the meeting with a discussion about changes to the senior center bylaws. Next quarter the original and proposed bylaw changes will be presented and discussed and voting will result at the next quarterly meeting. The meeting was adjourned.