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Pathways Through Our Past

We miss you, but as you know, the History and Art Center volunteers set aside January each year to make major changes that will keep our facility fresh and interesting. Throughout the year we exchange or shuffle exhibits, restyle displays or add new pieces, however not to an extreme. Space is limited to what we can currently support financially.

The center reopens Feb. 3 at 10 a.m. On display in the TIN PAN gALLErY, Love that Pet, are pet portraits in watercolor by Shirley Gilmore. Visit with her from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Feb. 12. You may want her to paint your favorite pet!

Bells, bells and more bells are on display in the History Center. Tanya Juelson is our featured collector -- no mystery or secrets to share, she just likes bells!

If you haven't purchased tickets for our fifth annual Sweetheart Drawing fundraiser, you still have time. The prizes are generous and plentiful. Tickets may be purchased from Center volunteers and at the History and Art Center through 2:55 p.m. Feb. 12. The drawing for prizes is at 3 p.m. that day. See our flyers posted around town for details. Surprise your sweetheart with a Valentine prize.

On another note... went to line dancing class tonight at the Legion- the temperature was 19 above, a heat wave! I drove through town and again noticed how nice our city streets look. My compliments to our city employees for the great job they do on snow removal. The Christmas trees are gone from the electric poles... wish they could stay all winter.

History stories just aren't my cup of tea tonight. You have to be in the mood, I guess. I do have another critter story. This has been an interesting year for weird happenings at my bird feeders.

Remember me telling you about the mice in the feeder and the one that I zonked with a big flashlight and of the gold squirrel that I was told was a fox squirrel (I think he has heirs now) and the three huge pileated woodpeckers that are fun to watch as they struggle to stay on the feeders? Oh yes, two grouse still have lunch there also.

The newest visitor came at night recently! I thought the mouse was reborn. Took aim with my trusty flashlight and there it was, a flying squirrel. Well, he was fascinating to watch, but he wouldn't leave. He just kept slipping off, hanging and twirling for a bit and then would catch himself back up on the feeder ledge. He was so scared.

Finally, my son stepped out into the fierce cold and blowing snow and with the killer flashlight noticed the poor little critter's leg was twisted and probably broken. He was stuck in a hole in the feeder's ledge.

Dirk took the feeder down, with the squirrel attached and set it on the deck. He got a screwdriver, made the hole a bit bigger and the little guy scurried across the deck and out of sight.

I've heard that animals caught in traps will sometimes chew their foot off and live, so I hope he had that kind of luck and learned his lesson. Two nights later, yup, you guessed it; another flying squirrel was in the feeder. The first one must not have communicated with his brothers.

Wonder who or what will visit next? Winter in the north woods is never dull and is a thing of beauty. Enjoy it.