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New Blackduck Council members sworn in

Two new members to the Blackduck City Council were sworn in Jan. 10. City Administrator Karin Elhard, left, swears in new councilmember Corey Veazey, middle and new mayor Jason Riggs. Not present to take his oath of office was incumbent Daryl Lundberg.

Blackduck's new mayor and councilmember were sworn in before the Jan. 10 council meeting.

New mayor Jason Riggs and councilmember Corey Veazey took their oath of office from Blackduck City Administrator Karin Elhard. Incumbent councilman Daryl Lundberg was unable to attend the meeting.

The first order of business for the new council was a call for the public forum. As no one was present, Mayor Riggs moved on to the consent agenda.

The agenda, which consisted of the Dec. 20 council minutes and Resolution 2011-02 acknowledging a $21,000 donation from the Blackduck Fire Relief Association, was approved.

The newly elected officials were then welcomed with council orientation packets. These contain general information as well as what their roles as city councilmen will be, procedures and committee and staff information.

Following the presentation of the bills, Elhard gave the council an update on the request for sponsorship for the April 2 alumni basketball tournament.

"The cost of a 2"x2" ad on the roster sheet and program would cost $25," Elhard explained. "A larger ad, a 4"x4" would cost $50. What would you like to do?"

A discussion ensued on whether The Pond or the golf course would be the sponsor representing the city. The question was raised as to whether it would be appropriate to have the liquor store act as sponsor. Elhard explained that it was an alumni tournament and was for adults.

The council then directed Elhard to have each entity act as a sponsor on the city's behalf.

Resolution 2011-01 on the annual appointment and designation was then read and approved.

Elhard presented the council with information on a FEMA grant, totalling $22,842.

"This grant has been awarded to the fire department," she said. "It is to be used for items such as 1,500 gallon drop tank, a 35 ft. ladder, thermal imaging devices, multi-gas meter and toward some training."

She also asked for the council's blessing on her accepting the nomination for president of the Blackduck Development Corporation.

Elhard explained that it wouldn't take away from her duties as city administrator and that it would mean a closer relationship to the BDC. She also updated the council on the other BDC nominations and what projects the organization would be working on during the course of the year.

The council commended Elhard on being nominated and gave her their support.

Councilmembers were then handed resolution 2010-16 on establishing the meeting schedule.

The subject of a once-a-month meeting schedule for the city council was brought up last year and as it was the first meeting of the new year, it was brought back before the council for discussion.

Because there were two councilmembers absent, the item was tabled until the next meeting when all the councilmembers would be present.

City Maintenance Supervisor Bob Klug, Jr. updated the council on the progress of the new water meters being installed.

"We have about 150 of them in as of now," he explained. "All together, we have a little over 300 of them that needed replacing and the deadline for having them all installed in Feb. 1."

Klug asked the council for permission to attend the rural water conference and was granted his request.

As there were no committee reports or upcoming community events Elhard presented the council with the capital credit check in the amount of $1,287 before the meeting was adjourned.