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Board asked: Make us safe!

Blackduck School Superintendent Bob Doetsch administers the oath of office to school board members Rachel Larson, Mark Sparby, Randy Lange and Dale Compton. Larson and Lange are new to the board while Sparby and Compton were re-elected in November.

Blackduck School Board members got a personal request from fourth grade students in Kelly Carlson's class in Blackduck Elementary School. In separate letters to the board they asked, "Please fix our ceiling."

A leak had been detected and a large bucket put up under the roof and above the ceiling panels, to catch the water from melting snow. Suddenly the weight of the water sent the pail crashing down into the classroom. In their own words, youngsters described what happened next:

"(On Tuesday) a bucket fell threw are classroom ceiling and soaked a lot of children cloths and homework at study time. Now theirs a big hole in are classroom and then the water was all over the floor witch made it very wet so that the hole room was a death hazard so that I think the whole school needs a new roof."

Superintendent Bob Doetsch said repairs have been made but the accident emphasizes the importance of work being planned for as soon as weather makes it possible.

"The kids are right," he said. "The whole roof needs fixing and so do the other things which will be possible now that the community has approved the bond issue that makes the work possible."

Other descriptions of the bucket falling were graphic as one after another, the students reported that "luckily no one was hurt, but when the bucket fell I think we all jumped ten feet." And "I'm glad I wasn't under that bucket because someone could have got really hurt."

The incident was described to board members at their regular meeting as new and re-elected members were sworn in by Doetsch. Incumbent members Dale Compton and Mark Sparby and new members Rachel Larson and Randy Lange took their oaths.

They then joined carry-over members Cynthia Nord and Grant Mistic in electing officers for the coming year. Compton was renamed chairman, Mistic vice-chair and Nord clerk. Larson will become treasurer, succeeding Larry Zea who had not sought another term on the board.