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Blackduck blood drive has good turnout

Blood drive coordinator Jesse Carey and the Blackduck National Honor Society have sponsored a very successful blood drive.

The drive, held Dec. 1, saw 65 people volunteer to donate blood and 57 were able to give. Fourteen people gave blood on the automated 2RBC machine which collects two units of red blood cells during the donation, so a total of 71 products were collected. Twenty-two of the donors gave blood for the first time!

Space to hold the drive was provided at the Blackduck Senior Citizen's Center.

The availability of blood is dependent on the success of blood drives held in many communities. The citizens of the Blackduck area can be assured that their community is a good example of a well-run blood program.

The staff of United Blood Services, on behalf of the patients who receive blood, wish to thank all who volunteered to donate blood and who helped organize the drive.