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NHCC introduces Lakeside Living Memory Care Unit, a secure home

Lakeside Living Memory Care Unit is designed for care of individuals with a primary diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or a related irreversible dementia.

Individuals who qualify for the Lakeside Living Memory Care Unit will benefit from consistent daily programming in a small therapeutic environment designed to maintain their highest level of functional and cognitive abilities.

Individuals who are being considered for admission will exhibit some or all of the following characteristics: significant memory impairment, short attention span, difficulty with communicating own needs, inability to perform activities of daily living independently, impaired judgment requiring protection from self and/or others, some degree of disorientation to person, place, or time, inappropriate behavior (i.e. agitation, pacing, wandering, etc.) and/or needs a secure environment for safety.

The individual is able to participate in and benefit from consistent, daily programming in a therapeutic environment. Admission for respite care (generally 14 days) or short term stays (less than 30 days) is based on bed availability.

A certified nursing assistant, R.N. or L.P.N. will be on duty in the LLMCU at all times. The charge nurse will provide assessment, monitoring and delivery of care to residents of the LLMCU. The Director of Nursing will oversee and monitor the care of each LLMCU resident.

Meals served to the Lakeside Living Memory Care Unit are prepared in the main kitchen by the facilities food service staff. Food items are available to the residents at any time throughout the day and night. Staff will assist residents as needed.

The activity program of LLMCU will be to provide a schedule of events that provide consistent programming that is directed at the individual needs and abilities of the resident on the memory care unit. To help ensure resident wellbeing, a high tech secure system has been implemented.

Stanley-Senior Technologies has installed a WanderGuard ID System throughout the bottom level of NHCC. The WanderGuard ID System is a device designed to ensure residents safety. The system is calculated to assist staff in facilities that care for people who may present wandering risks. It is a selective alarm system that is installed on our exterior doors and stairwell doors, in hallways and with elevator doors.

If a resident wearing a WanderGuard ID bracelet attempts to pass through a monitored area, an alarm sounds to alert staff to a possible departure. The alarm continues to sound until staff silences the alarm. Individuals not possessing a bracelet may pass through the monitored area freely.

NHCC is excited to begin the journey with Lakeside Living Memory Care Unit, a secure home for loved ones.