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Trail Mix: Walking excuses ... and an announcement of sorts, I guess

In February, Laurie and I will mark our two-year "walkaversary," although I must admit that this past year was less than impressive. I think we walked more our first year. We have used all sorts of excuses over the past 20 months - my toe hurts; I have too much work to do at the office; I don't feel good; I forgot my shoes; I don't have a car; I am out of town; etc. etc. etc. - but we try. We really do try. Well, now I have new walking excuse - "My doctor said I can't." OK, in all honestly, I was not able to get my doctor to tell me that I can't walk at all when it is -20 outside (that would have been a handy excuse), but s/he did say that if it is icy or super slick outside, that I should skip it some days. Click here to read the Trail Mix blog.