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Two-car accident sends Blackduck man to ER

Beltrami County Sheriff's deputies responded to a two-vehicle accident Monday at the entrance of the Northern Trailer Park on Irvine Avenue.

According to the sheriff's office, at 1:40 p.m. Monday, Donald Martin, 48, of Bemidji was pulling a trailer behind a GMS Jimmy southbound on Irvine Avenue when it was t-boned by another vehicle.

Benjamin Compton, 23, of Blackduck was driving a GMC Yukon westbound when he lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle entered into the ditch near the north entrance of the Northern Trailer Park and eventually hit the south entrance.

Martin's vehicle was on the south approach when Compton's vehicle collided into it. Martin's vehicle was pushed over a stop sign and into a resident's yard at the southeast corner of the trailer park. The front passenger sitting in Martin's vehicle moved over towards the drivers' side of the vehicle after witnessing the second vehicle coming towards it.

First responders arrived and attended to Compton, who was transported to the emergency room to be checked over.