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Pathways Through Our Past

Wolden's is "talking turkey"on cars. Come in and see. Something for everyone and one stop car shopping! There were Chevrolet Impalas, a 1973 Buick Estate Station Wagon, '71 Ford LTD Ranger F100, a 1964 Buick Wildcat, a '70 Plymouth Fury and a 1972 Pontiac Catalina and more in the used car lot.

Wolden stated, "Cars are winterized and ready to go -- We're talking turkey on trades. Come in and deal." Did any of you take a look or buy one of these cars in 1975?

Wouldn't it be fun to see Wolden's and Magnuson's Car Dealerships operating on Main Street again? Does anyone remember when Blackduck had a Buick dealership?

Turkeys are in the news again in Blackduck. Have you signed and entered you name for a free turkey at participating businesses yet? Only a couple of more weeks left to win one. The holidays are approaching fast --doesn't seem quite right when the temperature is in the 60's. Another thing, it must be a concern for deer hunters who need to keep their venison from spoiling in this weather. Sure haven't seen much 'red' this season.

Sometimes when I'm reviewing old papers and documents, I get so involved with reading and remembering that I forget I'm suppose to be finding something that I think will interest you. Those of us who were born and raised here have an edge.

In 1974... Nothing definite was decided at the Hines Township meeting as to whether or not the DNR should lower the water level of Blackduck Lake 10.8 inches. The controversy was that some of the resort owners said in 1973 and '74 the lake level was high because of wet summers. The question is if the lake is lowered now what will happen in a dryer summer? The resorters were also worried about a winter fish kill (lake freeze out).

In 1954... Anticipating that the village will be crowded during the influx of big game hunters this week, local businessmen are concerned over the local parking problem on downtown streets. Folks who are employed downtown and even local residents, are being asked to park their cars off the main business streets during the rush and thus save the parking space for the visitors. (Wish we still had that kind of problem)

Lakes in the vicinity are affording some excellent skating for all who enjoy and appreciate this most healthful outdoor recreation this time of year. Absence of wind at the time of freezing left the surface of the lakes as smooth as glass.

August Seaderberg had an unpleasant experience when one of his best cows broke her stanchion and in tearing around, jumped onto the curbing of the well in the barn and broke through. She was wedged in so tightly that it was impossible to get her released alive so she had to be killed and removed by horse power.

And in 1904... The board of county commissioners offered a reward of $500 for the discovery of the body of J.C. Sullivan who is thought to have been murdered somewhere between this village and the border during the early winter of 1903.

On another note, the laying of the steel on the train tracks is progressing rapidly being completed now nearly to Margie.

And one more tidbit... Considerable alarm was felt last Monday evening when the fire whistle called out the fire company. Fortunately it proved only to be a chimney fire in the Kristiana Saloon.

Hmmm, Now there's another new one we haven't encountered in our research --the Kristiana Saloon. Another project for LaVonne, maybe?

I watched a program on television the other night, about the 1940 Armistice Day Storm (Veteran's Day). I even took notes so I could share the information in this column. Well, I misplaced them so you'll have to make up your own stories. Ain't that the pits?

I do remember one storm when we couldn't see across the street in town because of snow. Really! The snowplow had plowed the snow on both sides of Main Street into the middle of the street, making the pile seven or eight feet high, or so it seemed. Anyway we couldn't see over it or jaywalk for a while. The good old days, right?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.