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Trail Mix: A look back at fall colors

I think Bethany and I are of the understanding that if we walk, we're going to blog about it -- even if all we have time to do is throw on a few pictures of our fair city and a few words to go with them.

But if we *don't* walk, we end up not blogging. I'd like it to be otherwise, but we've gotten into such a routine of walking and alternating bloggers, and those days we don't walk turn out to be a day off the whole thing.

That's fine when it's a day. It feels a little funny when it's a week. But when we're working on two months (shorthanded at work, election season and various busy-ness), I feel neglectful -- like we should have *something* to say beyond "look what we saw today."

Things like sharing that I've put a few pounds (literally only a few!), that I made a visit to Schoolcraft State Park last month, and that I've been taking a belly dance class (I'm forgetting more than I'm learning, but it's coming, gradually). Those are all relevant to this blog.

So let me tell you about my trip to Schoolcraft.

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