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Cass County Court Report

In Cass County District Count:

Eric Lee Budreau, 27, of Cass Lake, was found guilty Nov. 4 by a Cass County jury of felony possession of a pistol by a person previously convicted of a crime of violence, felon in possession of a firearm. Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 27. Meanwhile, Budreau is being held in the Crow Wing County Jail.

The judge dismissed a charge of attempted murder, and the jury acquitted Budreau on the charge of second-degree assault.

On June 3, Cass County Sheriff's deputies responded to a Cass Lake residence in response to a report of two gunshots having been fired in the area. Budreau and the victim were arguing in the street. Budreau fled throwing the 9 mm gun away as he ran. The victim reported that Budreau was angry because the victim would not join the Native Mob criminal gang. Budreau shot Twice near the victim's feet and then pointed the gun at the victim's head. The gun jammed, and the victim rushed Budreau as he was trying to clear the gun and reload.

Deputies found two 9 mm casings and a live round on the street where the argument took place. The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension analysis showed the casings were from the gun Budreau threw away as he ran.