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School News



Week of Nov. 9-12

TUESDAY, Nov. 9 - Pepperoni pizza, romaine salad with cheese, ham and croutons, rosy applesauce, blueberry muffin, milk variety.

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 10 - Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, carrots, pears, Rice Krispie treat, bread, milk variety.

THURSDAY, Nov. 11 - Mini corndogs, mac and cheese, green beans, mandarin oranges, bread, milk variety.

FRIDAY, Nov. 12 - Sloppy joe on a whole grain bun, baked beans, fresh vegetables with dip, peaches, fruit snacks, milk variety.

Scholarship information

Scholarships available in the high school office:

A Legacy of Leadership: This is an essay contest for all students. Deadline is Jan. 5.

MBA Scholarship: Seniors who are a child of a public or school district employee or elected official in Minnesota. Apply online at Deadline is Jan. 31.

MaxPreps scholarship: A high school student who participate on a sports team who is covered by MaxPreps. Apply online at Deadline is March 17.

Student Essay Contest: All high school students residing in the Ninth Federal Reserve District. Deadline is March 2.

Farm Credit Service Scholarship: Seniors who are from an actively farming or ranching family OR planning to pursue an agricultural. Deadline is March 1.

Heart Research Scholarship: Minnesota seniors, college freshman, sophomores, or juniors with an interest in the health science area. Apply online at Deadline is Nov. 19.

St. Thomas Science, Mathematics and Engineering Scholarships: Seniors applying to St. Thomas. Deadline is Dec. 1.

Coca-Cola Scholarships: Truly motivated, dedicated and high school seniors. Apply online at Deadline is Oct. 31.

Important dates

Nov. 11: Ninth-12th grade concert

Nov. 17: 9 a.m. Representative from Northwest Technical College

Nov. 18: 12:30 p.m. Representative from Bemidji State University

Nov. 19: 2 p.m. Representative from Wadena Technical College

Nov. 19: 3:30 p.m. Honor roll

Community Ed

Ceramic Pumpkin Plate will be held Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. The fee is $20.

Microsoft Word will be held Nov. 16 at 5:30 p.m. The fee is $20.

Wednesday Night Volleyball is held at 7 p.m. The fee is $3.


In the News

Chili cook-off

Everyone is welcome to the First Annual Chili Cook-Off Nov. 13 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Northome Community Building.

Chili contestants should sign up with Angel and the muni by Nov. 8. Categories include tasters choice, hottest and most unique.

All proceeds go to the Northome Area Food Shelf

Testing dates

ASVAB is set for Dec. 8.


Week of Nov. 8-12

MONDAY, Nov. 8 - Tater tot hotdish, corn, sandwich, pears, milk.

TUESDAY, Nov. 9 - Biscuits and gravy, tater tots, mixed fruit, sandwich, milk.

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 10 - Chicken soup, sandwich, vegetables, apple, milk.

THURSDAY, Nov. 11 - Pizza, green beans, sandwich, peaches, milk.

FRIDAY, Nov. 12 - Shrimp poppers, mashed potatoes, corn, pineapple, milk.

Northome's Chapter of the National Honor Society publishes requirements

By Jim Schneider

National Honor Society

The Northome Chapter of the National and Junior National Honor Societies are once again looking for some special students for their ranks. To become a member of these prestigious groups there are some very stringent requirements that students need to meet.

The requirements to be accepted into the Northome Chapter of the National Honor Society and Junior National Honor Society are slightly higher than the national minimums. The first requirement is the scholarship pillar. For the Northome Chapter, students must have a cumulative grade point average of a 9.0 or B+.

Students who have a 9.0 GPA or better will then have a chance to complete forms documenting their participation and accomplishments which meet the other pillars. In the forms, students will need to show that they were involved in co-curriculars or extra curricular activities.

The senior group (grades 10 - 12), must be involved in at least three activities and junior high students need at least one activity.

Also on the forms, students show their activities in the community through volunteer time, jobs they have held and other groups that they belong to. They also have a chance to show their leadership in both school and non-school activities. Students attempting to be selected to the senior group need to have a minimum of 20 hours of community service.

Students also need two letters of recommendation with their forms. Those trying for the senior group need one from a staff member and one from a community member. Those trying for the junior group need two from staff members.

When completed, the forms are then presented to the five member faculty council for their consideration. The faculty council reviews the letters of recommendation, forms, and a faculty survey to determine candidates for induction.

Should there be honor distinctions on our diplomas?

By Danette Gieser

Mount Olive High School in New Jersey says students should not be getting by with Ds on their report cards. This fall, there will no longer be any Ds, only As, Bs, Cs and Fs.

This can cause many people to think about the D grade. Does it actually mean something or is it just there because people want some credit there?

The thought that comes to me when I think about Ds is the people who can pass high school with almost all Ds their whole high school career, and still graduate next to a person who got all As. Then all of a sudden the As do not mean as much as they used to.

I think that somewhere on our diploma there should be an indication if you graduated with good grades in high school or if you just barely passed.

It would show that you worked hard. Yes, we students earned enough credits to graduate, but some of us did our best to get those credits while others did the minimum to pass.

A diploma marked "with Distinction" would be something one would be proud to show off or hang up. Whereas if you just had a plain diploma you appear to be the same as the person who may have slid by.

An honor on your diploma wouldn't have to be big or fancy. It could just be a sticker applied to the diploma stating "with Honors" or "with Distinction" or like colleges, "cum laude." Even a little stamp in the corner would work. Honors would be just a little reminder on how well you did and how well it showed in your overall grades.

It wouldn't be very expensive or hard to do. The school district wouldn't have to worry about a big added cost.

Honors would also give you more motivation to do well in high school. If you knew you would get recognition for doing well and for all the hard work you put in to everything, it might encourage you to work a little harder during your high school years.

So why aren't high schools doing this when colleges have?

"Your diploma is just a piece of paper saying you got what you needed for your 26 credits," said principal Shannon Avenson. "Employers don't call and ask for your diploma; they ask for your transcript, which has all your grades on it."

That is true but not everybody sees your transcript, but anybody that you want can see your diploma. If you do well and get honors on your diploma, you can frame it and feel proud of yourself for accomplishing that task. Then everyone can see how you did in school, not just employers.

I know that for some people, the Ds are hard earned. Maybe English Lit or chemistry just wasn't that person's thing. Students usually have one area they do excel in, though.

For these students, the diploma is the honor. For others, it's just a piece of paper. Why not reward those who earned the honors, too?

If you think I have a good idea here, we should start talking and try to get a distinction



Week of Nov. 8-12

MONDAY, Nov. 8 - No school. Fall break.

TUESDAY, Nov. 9 - Vegetable beef soup with crackers, egg salad or peanut butter and jelly sandwich, oranges and pineapple, milk.

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 10 - Italian dunkers with homemade breadsticks, green beans, pears, milk.

THURSDAY, Nov. 11 - Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes, corn, dinner roll, gingerbread with whipped cream, milk.

FRIDAY, Nov. 12 - Soft shell tacos with the works, baked beans, fruited jello, milk.