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Pathways Through Our Past

Well, here I am again, what would I do without those old Blackduck Americans!

This looks like a fun night. It's an ad for the:

Blackduck School Carnival at the Blackduck School Gym Friday, October 28, 1955. Doors open at 7:30 PM and look at this... A Fish Pond, Country Show, Grab Bags, Basketball Throw, Baseball Throw, Darts, Freak Show, Side Show, Bingo, Movies, Dancing, Lunch


Carnival Queen Coronation at 11:15 PM


Admission - Adults 25 c Children and H.S. Students -Free

Plus Chance at Door Prize

Now, those were the good old days. Maybe we'll attend some of this year's planned Halloween fun and compare them.

This issue of the paper really had some exciting news.

Charlie Donager announced the Grand Opening of the Blackduck Bowling Lanes in the basement of the Swanson building. League and Open bowling on four new lanes. Free coffee and cookies Saturday afternoons. Also opening, our Kaffe Stuga with coffee, sandwiches, ice cream, soft drinks and pastries. Loretta and Martha, Props. Kaffe Stuga? Loretta (Pafko) was my Aunt, but I don't remember this Kaffe Stuga thing being part of the Bowling Alley.

Advertising was a big part of newspapers. In Blackduck

... Cross' Service Station advertised "Gas for Less," Webb Cut Price, Phone 48.

... Television For Your Leisure Hours at Freddy's Tavern. On & Off Sale Beer, Soft drinks, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Candies.

... Are your Earnings equal to your Yearnings? Blackduck State Bank

... Folks come miles to Dine at Bess' Dinner Club - at Tenstrike

... Go by Bus, Low fares, Northbound 6:10 PM, Southbound 11:10 AM and on Sunday 4:10 PM. Depot at the Blackduck Confectionery. (I remember riding the bus home 1-½ miles for 35 cents. The driver's name was Art)

The newspaper was newsy and kept you aware of people situations and events.

The Moose Park news was written by Mrs. Gilman Nelson.

The Hines news came from Mrs. Erbert Ostlund

Mrs. Leonard Hansen wrote the Alvwood news

Mrs. Wm Fellows told us about Tenstrike

Mrs. Melvin Nesset submitted the Cormant news

Funkley news came from Mrs. Murden Fisher and

Squaw Lake news was provided by Mrs. Mark Dexter.

Today we rely on local news and announcements discussed over the phone or during coffee breaks. It was probably more accurate printed in the newspaper.

Another way news traveled was through Letters to the Editor.

Dear Editor, Please send us your paper. We miss not getting it.

Also will you please tell our friends and neighbors, through your paper, that little Susan Gustafson is expected to make a full recovery from polio. Susie is our three-year-old granddaughter and we are very thankful that the polio fund has made it possible for her to recover so fully. Her left leg and foot were affected. I think the people of Blackduck are especially "polio conscious" and would be interested.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gustafson of Ellendale, MN.

W. L. Oberg was the Editor of the Blackduck American in 1955. It was published every Thursday and the subscription rate was $2.50 per year in advance in Beltrami County and trade territory. Elsewhere it was $3 per year... in advance.