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Blackduck Senior Center News

The senior center held its quarterly meeting Oct. 12 with 13 members present. The weather was beautiful, impacting attendance, no doubt!

After a bit of conversation with visitor Patrick Scholz, President Rich Ferdig opened the meeting at 2 p.m.

Patrick and his wife, Sharon Beighley Scholz, (Signe Beighley's daughter), now reside in the Bemidji area. Patrick is interested in our senior and history centers and plans to be involved in both after he (they) get settled. A big welcome to both. We look forward to you becoming members.

Secretary Leona Ferdig read the minutes from the last quarterly meeting and treasurer Carol Hannigan reviewed the quarterly report. There was a significant increase in the center's insurance, which Carol asked Jim Wolden to review. Jim was able to have the amount adjusted downward a bit. The secretary report was approved as read and the treasurer's report was accepted for audit.

Val Thielman announced a change for the jam sessions, which are held the first Saturday of each month and that is that they will discontinue the potluck dinners from November through April and will end the music at 4 p.m. Several participants travel long distances and are concerned about driving in winter weather.

This is an excellent monthly event and everyone is invited to stop by to sing, or just listen and tap their toes to old favorites. Seniors and friends, this is something you'd really enjoy. Call a friend or two and join the fun. If you need a ride, let us know.

Eva Fisher, membership chair, is looking for new members. 55 years of age qualifies you to join and annual dues are only $5. Keeping active is an important part of growing... aging. Aging sounds better, right? Don't just sit in that old rocker and watch the world go by. Come have some fun with us. We have 115 paid memberships as of October.

Bev Gibson heads up the Friday afternoon crafting for the senior center.

Bev is currently looking for individuals that enjoy embroidering and are willing to help work on dishtowels. This group looks for new ideas and projects that will contribute to our fundraising efforts. Come join this group and use your talent while you enjoy conversation and coffee.

A nominating committee will be approaching members soon, in order to present nominees to the board of directors and general membership at the December meeting. The current board consists of Rich Ferdig, president, Leona Ferdig, secretary, Carol Hannigan, treasurer and six board members -- Ted Carter, Eva Fisher, Dick Fisher, Bev Gibson, Cedilia Peterson and Jean Slindee.

Jean Slindee resigned early and her position will be temporarily filled until year end by Mickey Witt. Rich, Cedilia and Jean are scheduled to leave the board at yearend, leaving three positions open. Bev, Leona and Carol's assignments are up in 2011 and Dick, Ted and Eva remain on the board through 2012.

If you would like to be a candidate or have suggestions for these openings, please contact Glennis Moon at 835-5512.