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Watch for mail ballots

Don't throw the mail ballot out with the campaign literature trash, warns Beltrami County Auditor-Treasurer Kay Mack.

Mail ballots for the Nov. 2 election were mailed out Friday to registered voters in the 31 Beltrami County precincts that do their voting by mail, she said.

"We have had numerous requests for a new ballot packet from people that receive the mail ballot packet and throw it away along with other campaign material that they receive by mail," Mack said of previous years.

"We are hoping that letting them know about the official mailing that we can avoid some of that," Mack said.

Voters are asked to look for the envelope that has the County Auditor's return address. The Auditor's Office asks that voters do not confuse it for campaign material and throw it away.

"We are also stressing the importance of reading the instructions on the back of the envelope," Mack said. "Using a witness in mail ballot voting is the way in which the process can assure that the voter who was issued the ballot is actually the person who voted the ballot. Without the voter and witness information filled out correctly, we are not able to accept the ballot."

The office will attempt to return the defective ballot or make a phone call to have the voter come to the Auditor's Office.

Questions may be directed to the Auditor's Office at 333-4138.