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Rebates available on programmable thermostats

A pair of rebates on programmable thermostats could make it that much easier for people to save money on their upcoming heating bills.

Minnesota Energy Resources offers its customers in Bemidji a rebate for half the cost of a programmable thermostat, up to $40. In addition, through November, Clean Energy Resource Teams and Honeywell are offering a rebate for up $10 on a new Honeywell programmable thermostat.

Visit to print both rebates. Purchase the thermostat at a retail store and get two copies of the receipt if sending in for both rebates. Send the original UPC code to Minnesota Energy Resources for the $40 rebate; if purchasing a Honeywell thermostat, make a copy of the UPC code to send to Honeywell for the $10 rebate.

A programmable thermostat allows people to pre-set their homes' heating and cooling systems to work around their schedules, providing comfort and energy savings.

The average household in Minnesota that sets back the thermostat in summer and winter using default settings could save about 15 percent on heating and 25 percent on cooling costs, saving about $200 annually.

CERTs has put together resources for stores that sell programmable thermostats to promote this opportunity at

Come Home to Comfort and Energy Savings is the fourth in a series of "CERTified Campaigns" from Clean Energy Resource Teams to provide communities with clear and actionable ways to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in their community. To learn about other campaigns, visit

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