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New book shares alternative medicine resources

A new book, "Find Alternative M.D.s" by Dr. Richard H. Leigh and Arle Hagberg directs readers to a variety of alternative medical treatment options and providers.

According to Leigh, the mounting costs of traditional health care and a desire for a greater variety of options have resulted in a renewed interest in complementary medicine, a combination of conventional and alternative medicine.

Leigh and Hagberg's book provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to a variety of alternative treatments and providers, including contact information and web addresses. The book also includes commentary on the most recent developments in European alternative medicine, medical as well as veterinary associations that promote alternative medicinal practices, prominent treatment providers and a review of available treatments for a variety of diseases and conditions.

"We wrote this book to provide readers with an inside track to getting the beneficial treatments they need," said Hagberg, who lives in Bemidji. "This resource will expedite anyone's search for the true range of options available."

"Find Alternative M.D.s" provides lists of treatments as well as history of the development of certain treatments and advice for avoiding false claims of efficacy. The authors also provide examples of notable resources, including a cancer diagnostic center in Florida that claims significant progress in diagnosing cancer prior to tumor growth and a psychiatrist who believes he may have the key to reversing Alzheimer's disease.

"Find Alternative M.D.s" is available for sale online at and elsewhere.

Leigh received his medical degree from the University of Illinois. After serving as a military doctor in the Korean War, he practiced obstetrics and gynecology in Grand Forks until 1988.

He then employed a comprehensive antioxidant approach for primarily allergy and chelation therapy patients until he retired in 2006.

Hagberg has researched medical doctors who use alternatives to drugs and surgery for 30 years. She holds education degrees in English, social studies, sociology and learning disabilities, and enjoys learning and teaching practical information from the consumer's viewpoint. Hagberg attended medical conferences in Dallas, Chicago and Minneapolis while researching alternative medical practitioners.