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Pathways Through Our Past

The Blackduck School Student Council's new newspaper column, "The Drake Times," by reporters Kristie Slindee and Jenna Nestberg, is just what we need to keep up with school activities. Hopefully their column will get published more than once a month. People, without kids in school don't always get this information so it should help increase attendance at various events. As Martha would say, "It's a good thing." Good job, Jenna and Kristie!

4-H clubs

Are 4-H clubs still as plentiful in this area as they use to be? Maybe someone will update us on this topic. Until then, we'll repeat a story about 4-H found in a 1943 Blackduck American. This story involves a former resident by the name of Rosella Brophy Fefercorn, who resides in Minneapolis. Rosella and I communicate occasionally because she is 'family' -- we're cousins by marriage. Her mother, Molly Nesset Brophy and my mother-in-law, May Nesset Moon, were sisters. The headline read...

Blackduck girl awarded high honors in state 4-H club awarded by all-expense trip to national club camp at Washington, D.C.

The greatest honor that can be conferred on a 4-H club member comes this year to four Minnesotans who have made outstanding achievements in their project work. The reward is an all-expense trip to the National 4-H Club Camp at Washington, D.C. to be held this year June 12-19.

Trip winners announced today by T.A. Erickson, State 4-H Club Leader, are: Rosella Brophy (19) Blackduck, Beltrami County; Sherwood Berg, (20) Hendrum, Norman County; Margaret Nelson (20) Nelson, Douglas County and James Sackett (20) Rochester, Olmstead County.

Leaving June 8, accompanied by Mildred Schenk, state club agent, the delegation will leave Chicago by bus with other state representatives, for a tour through Canada to Niagara Falls, the World's Fair at New York, Gettysburg and other points enroute to the nation's capital, where they will be met by Mr. Erickson and will join the national encampment on the tital basin along the banks of the Potomac.

To fit an assembly of outstanding individuals, a stimulating program of discussions, personal appearances, tours and talks has been arranged for the camp, including trips to Mount Vernon, the White House, Arlington Cemetery and various government buildings. General theme of the week's talks and discussions will be "What's Ahead For Rural Young People?"

Rosella Brophy has pushed aside adversity and reached the pinnacle of 4-H success in nine years of active participation in home economics and leadership project work. She has earned five trips to the Minnesota State Fair and last year she was Reserve State Champion individual bread demonstrator. In her home community, Rosella was two years president and one year vice president of her local club and for one year was president of the Beltrami County 4-H Federation.

Not all of Sherwood Berg's 4-H eggs go into one basket. Thousands of them he puts in incubators and they come out as baby chicks for poultry raisers of the Red River Valley. Sherwood has carried a balanced 4-H program for 10 years, including leadership, forestry and health activities, but poultry is his long suit.

Both sides of the farm and home business were experienced by Margaret Nelson during her 11 active 4-H years. She has learned about the production side by raising dairy calves and demonstrating the manufacture and use of dairy products.

To round out her training she has carried room furnishing and clothing projects and prepared herself to make her own way with a normal school training.

James Culver Sackett should never starve as long as he keeps his herd of three cows, heifers and a dairy calf and remembers his 4-H club bread baking experiences. He once was a member of the county champion bread baking team, but for most of his seven 4-H years he concentrated on dairy projects.

Pretty impressive, don't you think? And, that took place 67 years ago.