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Hubbard County calls special meeting to discuss nursing home funding

A special county board meeting has been called for Wednesday at 9 a.m. to discuss nursing home funding.

"Heritage has a one-time opportunity to get some federal funding if the county matches it," said coordinator Jack Paul.

Board chair Lyle Robinson called the emergency meeting Monday night because the funding package needs action by October 1.

But Robinson isn't so sure the county should jump at the offer, which is contingent on the state providing matching funds if the federal government does.

"The state has proven to be an unreliable partner," Robinson said.

If the county agrees to a four-year deal but the state and feds back out after a year, Hubbard County could be obligated to pay out the funds on its own.

Robinson said a grant proposal is $200,000. Seventy five percent of those funds would be used to cover Heritage employee salaries and benefits.

Heritage operates several ventures in Park Rapids, including a memory care unit, a skilled nursing care residence, an assisted living community, an independent senior community and a respite care facility.

The home's funding will be the only topic on the county agenda.