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Scenes from Backwoods Bash

Spongebob Squarepants visited in Blackduck Aug. 21 during the Backwoods Bash. Lines were long for a chance to get your picture taken with the cartoon character1 / 6
Once again this year, the Ironman bounce house proves to be the most popular attractions for the kids. Also a hit with the kids was he Undersea World bounce house and the Titanic.2 / 6
Crowds came out in droves to enjoy the fantastic weather at this year's Backwoods Bash. There was a large amount of food, fun and activities to keep everyone in the family happy at the wayside rest Aug. 21.3 / 6
The Blackduck Fire Department put their firefighting training to good use when not participating in the firemen's water fight at the Bash. This group busied themselves cooking up some of the food that was available during the festivities.4 / 6
Blackduck's Teacher of the Year Peggy Eggert was this year's Bash Grand Marshal. Eggert has been teaching in Blackduck for more than 20 years, the last two as a second grade teacher.5 / 6
The Deerwood Bank float moves slowly along carrying its cargo, showing off to the crowd a banner than touts the bank has turned 100 years old.6 / 6