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Blackduck Garden Club News

Each year the Blackduck Garden Club members dawn their serious side in order to get ready for the 12th District Horticultural Flower Show.

Every one comes to the meeting place toting water buckets full of flowers and greenery that have been hardened off or made ready for arranging. Suddenly there is a table filled with a multitude of scissors, knives, floral foam, tape and flower vases available for anyone's use. Not only are the flowers and tools shared, the gardeners themselves share their talents and experience with one and another. A real team spirit is evident.

Early the next morning, several women load the floral arrangements into their vehicles, rush to Bemidji where the show takes place, and then unload and place the arrangements in designated places in the showroom.

Women from Blackduck and other clubs perform various duties from setting up the display tables to assisting the judges. You can feel the excitement building. At a designated time the show opens and the public is welcomed to view the floral arrangements complete with blue, red and white ribbons attached. A special grand display shows the Grand and Reserve Championship winners.

Blackduck's Garden Club did very well at the 12th District Garden Show held at Beltrami Electric in Bemidji Aug. 14. We won a Grand Champion and two Reserve Grand Champion ribbons, as well as numerous blue (first), red (second) and white (third) ribbons.

Sections A -- Novice (has won no more than four blue ribbons). Nita Brown, our newest member, won the Grand Champion ribbon and a blue for a Hogarth Curve design. Sandy Anderson won a blue for design showing water. Cindy Wiebe won a blue for a miniature design. Sharon Keuchenmeister Anderson won a blue for "As You Like It" design, and Nancy Greuel won a blue for a triangular design.

Section B -- Amateur (has won more than four blue ribbons, but less than eight). Glennis Moon won a blue ribbon for a round design, Jackie Barclay received blues for a Japanese and a miniature design.

Section C -- Advanced (has won eight or more first place blue ribbons). Lisa Carter won blue ribbons for a triangular and two-sided design.

Brown won the Grand Champion ribbon and Greuel won a Reserve Grand Champion ribbon in the Novice category. Barclay won a Reserve Grand Champion ribbon in the Amateur Section.

The Blackduck Garden Club also entered the most flower and other specimen exhibits. Congratulations to all members for their wins and for entering the show.

The 12th District includes clubs from Bagley, Bemidji, Blackduck, Cass Lake, Park Rapids and Shevlin.