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A touching farewell for a friend

Before the flag draped casket of Maj. Michael Freyholtz, Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty stands to pay his respect for the Hines native who was honored at a memorial service at the Blackduck High School. Pawlenty and State Sen. Rod Skoe were among dignitaries attending the Aug. 14 service. The more than 200 mourners also included members of the town board from Hines, where Freyholtz' parents live.1 / 4
"These were his ID tags," Fiona Freyholtz tells Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, as the family gathered at a memorial service for her father, Maj. Michael Freyholtz, who died in a plane crash in Alaska July 28. Fiona and her brother, Trevor, attended the service in Blackduck. Later in a ceremony at Hines Cemetery, Gen. Charles Foster presented Trevor with the flag that had draped his father's casket.2 / 4
More than a score of Patriot Guard riders left their motorcycles parked while they stood at attention in front of Blackduck High School awaiting completion of the memorial service for Maj. Michael Freyholtz. The Hines native and three others were killed in a C-17 plane crash in Alaska July 28. The bikers were part of the motorcade from Blackduck to the Hines Cemetery where Freyholtz was interred.3 / 4
In a show of honor and respect, a lone C-17 flies over the cemetery as Maj. Freyholtz was laid to rest. Members from Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska, used their leave to fly down to Minnesota to pay tribute to their fallen friend and say goodbye one last time.4 / 4