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Area city council members and mayor positions up for re-election

It looks to be a possible changing of the guard in Blackduck, Northome and Kelliher if the recent election results mean anything. Few elected officials from these three areas opted to re-file for their positions.

In Blackduck, Mayor Scott Palmer did choose to re-file. Facing off against him in November will be former Blackduck City Council member Jason Riggs. This position will be a two-year post.

Incumbent councilmember Daryl Lundberg refiled for his four year seat and will run unopposed while councilmember Kevin Beck chose from to refile. Filing for Beck's four year spot in the council is Cory Veasey.

In Northome's race, Mayor Jim Schneider is giving up his seat and did not refile. Nobody filed for that two year position.

Appointed councilmember Jerry Struss refiled for the four year position he held while fellow councilmember Chad Lindley not only chose not to refile for his spot on the council, but resigned, effective Aug. 1. If there are no write in candidates for the mayor or council position, this could mean trouble for the city of Northome.

In Kelliher, incumbent Mayor Darin Latterell is running unopposed for his two year seat. There will be two, four year council seats up for grabs this year. Don Erickson and Ramona Gehlert have both opted not to refile for their council seats.

Filing for these two spots were Dan Pearsons, Richard Skoe and Gene Erickson.