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Blackduck Council agrees to honor local veterans Aug. 21

The Blackduck City Council met Aug. 9 to discuss a number of issues including the hiring of a golf course employee, recognizing a memorial dedication, awarding the wayside rest gazebo bid and the purchase of a new squad car.

The meeting began by moving to approve the hire of James Masloski as the Blackduck Golf Course clerk. With school starting soon, the golf course requested help because they are short staffed. The motion passed and Masloski was hired for $7.25 per hour.

As the council moved on to discuss community events, councilman Kevin Beck raised questions concerning the upcoming Clarence Lossing benefit Aug. 21.

"Is there something we could do as a city to recognize this event?" Beck asked. "I know this is something that is really important to a lot of people and they have put a lot of work into it and I would like the city to acknowledge and recognize this."

"We could make a proclamation declaring it as Clarence Lossing Day," Mayor Scott Palmer proposed.

"I would like to do that," Beck responded. "I really, really think that would be very much appreciated."

"There is just such a ripple effect to the memorial," Blackduck City administrator Karin Elhard said. "He starts it, but so many others are involved."

"The memorial is recognize local deceased Vietnam veterans, maybe it could be a recognition of those that are memorialized by that," Beck suggested. "I just think this day should be recognized by proclamation."

The rest of the council agreed that Beck's idea was a good one and is planning to recognize the day for all local Vietnam Veterans.

The council touched based on the Fourth Street piping project.

"The plan is to replace the piping on Fourth Street," Curt Meyer of Widseth, Smith and Nolting said. "We want to remove the structure that is in the middle of the street and make it so that the pipe won't be so shallow."

A cost estimate on the two structures is still pending. The council was assured they'd get the information once it became available.

Continuing on, the council received four sealed bids from contractors to replace the roof on the gazebo at the Blackduck Wayside Rest.

J.D. Construction out of Blackduck came in with the lowest bid of $4,472 and was awarded the project.

The company is now given 45 days after receiving written notice from the council to complete the project.

Blackduck Police Chief Scott Wherley came before the council to discuss replacement of a squad car.

"I've been researching new squad car prices," he explained. "As of today, our car has 195,000 miles on it and we can't rely on it as a primary squad car."

Wherley put together a sheet of estimates and gave it to the council. He said that the Dodge Charger is the cheapest and best car for the job. He came up with a quote of $21,557 to purchase the vehicle.

"We have a lot of money into the current car," Wherley said. "My thought was we could keep it as a spare squad car and get the equipment out of it and sell the oldest one we have. We've put a lot of money into our cars. Our sheriff's office has a whole fleet of Chargers and they have very few problems with them and gas mileage is better."

After hearing Wherley's statements, the council will take into consideration these factors and make a decision at a later date.

The next council meeting will be Aug. 23 at 6 p.m. at city hall.