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Blackduck ladies complete 10 friendship quilts

Val Hentges, Jackie Barclay, Bev Bryant, Darlene Mathews, Diane McKean, Dorothy Sonnek, MaryLea Anderson, Lona Kile, Pat Addler and Barb David -- the 10 women who meet weekly at Hentges' home, were given a challenge by Barclay to make a Friendship Quilt.

The idea was to make a quilt to remember each other in the years to come. It sounded easy until the group was told they would have to agree on one line of fabric.

Ten women equalled 10 different tastes of what quilt fabric should be chosen and, after many meetings and discussions at Anderson Fabrics, they finally agreed on a line of fabric called Oak Leaf and Reel.

The challenge was now for each person to find one block pattern and make 10 identical squares to share with each other out of this chosen line of fabric. Each person was to keep their block pattern and design a secret until everyone was finished.

The results were stunning. Each person's block was unique and beautiful. Each quilter put 10 blocks together to make a finished quilt.