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Blackduck Apt. News

On July 14, Mickey Witt picked up Dee for some appointments and then went to Countryside for lunch.

We have several new residents to welcome to our home -- Edith Miller and Charlene Edin.

Lorraine Peck has been busy with visiting family and attending functions. Her sister, Yvonne and Clarence Trushinkey of Billings, MT came for four days. Lorraine's daughter, Lori Dietrich, took her to attend the funeral of Michele Krueth and also to Northome for the reunion of Yvonne and Clarence at Powerhouse.

Sunday, more visitors of Lorraine's -- Judeen and Kermit Johnson of Richfield, joined them for breakfast at Countryside. They later met up with Earl and Evelyn Krueth from Iowa.

Tuesday, Lori and Lorraine enjoyed shopping and a meal at Country Kitchen in Bemidji.

Wednesday, 17 residents gathered in the community room for the potluck and birthday celebration for Lynn Bauer and Dee.

Vivian's visitors were her daughter, Carol, and her husband, Fred.

Dee's guests were her sister-in-law, Carol Mourer and Amy Jo Phinney.

Thursday, Carol brought in a meal from the Big Bear Drive-In.