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American Legion Auxiliary News

The July meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit #372 was called to order by President Cory Schmit.

The committees were called upon to make reports. The cheer committee has been sending cards and fruit baskets to those members that have been on the sick list.

The Backwoods Bash Aug. 21 was also discussed. Auxiliary members will be serving bars, cookies and coffee. Sargeant at Arms Jayne Dueffert and Sheila Reinarz will carry the colors for the parade and all unit members are invited to walk with the colors. The parade starts at noon.

Rose Vesely was unable to take office of First Vice President. Nance Kunkel offered to hold that office.

That August meeting has been changed to Aug. 23, giving members who want to go to Pine River to the School of Instructions a change to go.

The Legion Post and Auxiliary have sent out 10 boxes of books and miscellaneous items overseas to troops. They still have more boxes to send.

The next meeting will be held Aug. 23 at the American Legion hall.