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Saum School to be 100-years-old in 2012

A few months ago, Dick and Nita Florhaug were going through some old papers, letters, etc. When they found an item that made them realize that the school had started in the big white consolidated school at Saum in September of 1912.

Since Dick had been a student there and his mother had taught there, he became excited and called some other former students. Soon there were plans being made for a centennial celebration to be held the second weekend of August in 2010.

They decided that would be a good incentive for sprucing up the building which is much in need of a paint job and other fixings. A grant for Valspar Paint has been secured and that means volunteers will be needed to help whoever is hired to be in charge of the whole job.

Pancake supper fundraisers were held in March and June. Other grants will be applied for to help with the painting and also for printing a book of memories and a DVD of pictures and interviews about the school and community life from the 1900s-present.

Former students and teachers along with former and present community members are requested to think about and look for pictures of school life and events that can be included in the memory book and DVD. Memories can be written or recorded in interviews. Anyone having or knowing anything related to Saum School may inform Diane Mostad at, Eva Stengel at, Marlene Stomberg at 647-8555 or Dick Florhaug at 647-8649.

Addresses of former students living elsewhere will also be very welcome. It is hoped that many interested folks will be reached and look forward to coming in August to really celebrate the school's 100th year.

Anyone having ideas or interested in helping with the celebration, may contact one of the individuals above or Ione Smischney at­.