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LePage Greenhouse and Nursery is the Business of the Week

Pastor Carmen Zaleski enjoys what she does -- especially when it comes to the greenhouse and nursery she owns and operates in Blackduck.

LePage greenhouse and nursery is located in a building that Zaleski has owned for 28 years. It was a little over 10 years ago that she moved the greenhouse in.

In 1976, Zaleski took a horticulture class with Ray Grundmeir. The class had sparked her interest.

"People asked me what school to go to to get into the greenhouse business," she said. "I told them, 'Just start, don't go to school, you'll learn faster by jumping into the business."

Zaleski owns the business with her husband, George, who she met on eHarmony five years ago.

"He's adapting to life in Minnesota," she said. "He used to live in phoenix, AZ, so this climate is a little different for him."

Zaleski said that many of her family members are involved in the greenhouse/nursery business as well.

"We grow a lot of our own plants and we have cousins and other family members that grow some as well," she explained.

When asked why her greenhouse was unique, she said, "We stay open longer than most. We start our season when the Lord directs us to and we're open until October. We continue seeding perennials and transplanting annuals and perennials."

Zaleski noted that it is important that her greenhouse doesn't start its season too early, however.

"It is so sad to see people that buy plants early and then they freeze. I've had people come in crying because they've invested money and time in plants just to lose them. It can be really emotional."

Aside from running the greenhouse/nursery, Zaleski is also a licensed foster care parent, ordained pastor, licensed beauty salon operator and she runs the Thrift Store and eBay store.

The LePage greenhouse/nursery is located at 181 Main Street and is open Monday-Saturday and has varying hours from 8 a.m.-10 p.m.

"We try to be open whenever people need us," Zaleski said.