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Houseman releases second children's book

Don Houseman's lovable character, Harvey, and all of his barnyard friends' are back in Houseman's second children's book, Harvey and His Friends' Great Fishing Adventure.

Houseman, an author and artist from Blackduck, wrote is first book, How Harvey and His Friends' Save the Barn, last year and is excited to have a new story out to share with his fans.

"With the first book, I had this 'can I do this' question in my mind and I did it. I thought it needed a follow-up," he said. "I actually wrote this story within a couple days of the first one."

According to Houseman, he enjoys the people he met while selling his first book and is looking forward to another round with his second.

With a struggling economy, he is optimistic that, like his first book, the second will also see success.

"Books are something people do not put off," he said. "If people like a book, they'll buy it."

In Harvey and His Friend's Great Fishing Adventure, Houseman returns the same characters and dedicated the story to his parents.

"The book actually came out on my mother's 91st birthday. Noma the cow, who is modeled after her, is kind of the hero in this story," he said. "She was excited about that."

This time around, the barn is fixed and the farmer, Maynard, decided to ride Harvey down to the river to do some fishing. The other animals realize that they've been left behind, so they escape to join in the day's fishing adventures and create some havoc along the way.

When it comes to what Houseman learned between self publishing both books, he describes the experience in one word --wow.

"With self publishing, you need a lot of support, ask a lot of questions and learn how to do trial and error," he said.

Houseman also learned how to better market this second book.

"Most of the successful places to bring the book were farm related functions," he explained. "Those were some of the most fun events, too."

As far as a third book goes, Houseman said he already has it written and will plan on releasing it in the near future.

There will be a book signing for Harvey and His Friend's Great Fishing Adventure at the Wild Hare Bistro in Bemidji June 25 from 3-6 p.m.