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Bjerknes to plead guilty to state and federal charges

Gravestone Cleaning

Final Addresses, a project developed by Mark Geerdes, Al Nistler and Mitch Nistler, is an FCCLA Applied Technology project to update and computerize local cemetery information and to clean up some of the very dirty stones.

The cleaning process that was used is as follows:

First they put a layer of phosphate-free liquid detergent on the most moss and lichen covered stones that could be found then with borrowed fire-fighting pump cans, they sprayed them to get all the lichen sudsy.

Once that was done, they used some ordinary household nylon brushes and some toothbrushes to scrub away all the moss and lichen. If the gravestones were really tough to clean and unreadable, they repeated the cleaning process over again until they were clean.

With a little bit of work headstones that were cleaned looked almost new.