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Make a Splash at Your Library!

The Blackduck Community Library summer reading program will kick off with a Fun Day June 10 during regular open hours. Kids are invited to come and sign up for the reading program, play games, win prizes and -- to get wet! Bring your own towel, please!

Make a Splash is geared for children K-sixth grades with an additional, separate program for teens. For each day that kids read 15 minutes or more, they put a sticker on their score card and when they have a full score card they turn it in for prizes. There are many ways to earn prizes!

Wednesday mornings will be children's time at the library, with special games, crafts and programs all summer long.

The program will run through Aug. 4. Children can sign up at any time and will receive a prize for each 14 days of reading. Children who do the entire eight weeks will be able to fill four scorecards. For each scorecard turned in, the child's name is put into a special drawing at the end of the summer -- one of the grand prizes is a bike!

Teens who are interested in participating in "Make Waves at your Library" can sign up any time and start counting their reading June 9 also. The teens earn "funny money" for their reading and purchase prizes with the money they have earned. they teen program also offers a special drawing at the end of the program and one of the grand prizes is a bike.

Both programs are a lot of fun and both will kick off June 9 at the Blackduck Community Library.

Special programs will also be held during the summer, including A Splash of Magic, which will be held July 7 at 10 a.m. at the Wayside Rest.