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BCA seeks help in finding sexual predators

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) and law enforcement agencies are looking for these sex offenders. Many are from the Bemidji Area.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the listed individuals are asked to contact the BCA at 651-793-7070 or 888-234-1248, submit a tip anonymously on, or contact a local law enforcement agency.

E Larry Marshall Leach, 48, last known address County Hwy. 10, Frazee. He has tattoos on both upper arms.

E Albert Benaise III, 20, last known address Fifth Street N.W., Bemidji. He has a scar on his forehead.

E Seth Ambrose Bissonette, 67, last known address Roosevelt Road S.E., Bemidji.

E Charles Warren Mentges, 56, last known address Fourth Street N.W., Bemidji.

E Brian Allen Platt, 27, last known address Trengove Road N.W., Solway. He has a scar on his left leg.

E Joseph Allen Jones Jr., 26, homeless in Cass Lake. He has a pierced left ear, scars on both eyebrows, and tattoos on his chest, right shoulder, left wrist and hand, right upper arm and shoulder.

E Timothy Jay Mercier Sr., 42, last known address Fifth Street, Pine River. He has scars on his left wrist, ankle and leg.

E Robert Allen Smith, 60, last known address Mae Bill Drive N.E., Longville. He has scars on his neck and abdomen.

E Nicholas Franklin Edwards, 29, last known address Third Street N.E., Crosby. He has a scar on his left hand.

E David Benjamin Johnston, 54, last known address Rosewood Street, Brainerd. He has scars on his forehead, left wrist and right arm and wrist, and tattoos on his right and left arms.

E Lowry Dean Scarlett, 60, last known address PO Box 175, Clearbrook. He has scars on his cheek, chest, left forearm and left leg, and has tattoos on his left and right arms.

E Dale Anthony Roach, 64, last known address Wejack Road, Cass Lake. He has a tattoo on his left forearm and scars on his left eyebrow, forehead, abdomen, left arm and knee.

E Deandre Demone Bratton, 22, last known address Gateway Drive N.W., East Grand Forks. He has scars on his right hand and leg.

E Home Tyloung, 60, last known address Third Lakewood Avenue, Warroad. He has tattoos on his arms.

E Joel Elias Lempiainen, 82, last known address 4th Street N.W., Wadena.

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State law requires people on the Predatory Offender Registry to provide information to the BCA about their primary and secondary addresses, employment and vehicles they own or operate. They are required to register for a minimum of 10 years or the duration of probation, whichever is longer. Some are required to register for life.

Those on the registry have been convicted of one of the following: criminal sexual conduct and felony-level indecent exposure; kidnapping and false imprisonment; soliciting a minor to engage in prostitution or sexual conduct; using a minor in a sexual performance; possession of pictorial representations of minors.

Predatory offenders are required to return periodic verification forms within 10 days to ensure all information on file with the BCA remains up to date. In addition, they must provide five days' notice of any change in their primary address; any other changes must be reported within five days of the change.